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HY 8 Download Agreement

HY-8 Version 7.2 Build Date January 17, 2012

Originally released in August of 2009, this is a maintenance release of the software and incorporates improvements from user feedback.

As stated in the FHWA Hydraulics website, by downloading the software, the user is agreeing that they accept responsibility for understanding the following conditions and limitations, and agrees to them:

  • FHWA does not provide user assistance or support for this software.
  • The application of this software is the responsibility of the user. It is imperative that the responsible engineer understands the potential accuracy limitations of the program results, independently cross checks those results with other methods, and examines the reasonableness of the results with engineering knowledge and experience.
  • There are no expressed or implied warranties.

I agree to these conditions, download the software (.zip, 21 mb)

Updated: 01/08/2013

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