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Strategic Workplan for Air Toxics Research

Appendix B

FHWA Air Toxics Workshop (May 12, 2003) - Breakout Session Organization

SESSION 1 (11 a.m. - 12 noon)
Room 706 Room 806 Room 906 Room 1006
Ambient Monitoring Characterization Analysis Control Strategies
Byers (FAA) Watson (Hillsborough Co.) Koerber (LADCO) Wayson (Volpe)
Hafner (STI) Zamurs (NY DOT) Baldauf (EPA- OTAQ) Block (NESCAUM)
Jordan (TX DOT) Billings (Wasatch Front) Berg (Southeastern MI) C. Bailey (EPA- OTAQ)
Pepple (HGA Council) Kircher (Puget Sound) Brady (CALTRANS) Bingham (UT DOT)
Gilroy (Puget Sound) Valentinetti (VT DEQ) Claggett (FHWA) Brecher (Volpe)
R. Cook (EPA- OTAQ) Kimbrough (EPA- ORD) Scheffe (EPA- OAQPS) Niemeier (UC- Davis)
Graham (Env. Canada) French (EMA) B. Bailey (CRC) Vescio ( ESP)
Fitz (UC-Riverside) Gertler (DRI) Bortnick (Battelle) Chan (EFEE)
Lax (API) Heishman (Ind. Consultant) Clark (WVU) Lawson (NREL)
Robinson (Carnegie- Mellon) High (RSG) Eisinger (Sonoma Tech) Hulsey (Sierra Club)
Carr (ICF) Full (ESP) Nizich (EPA-OAQPS) Wang (Argonne)
Lenox (ORNL) Frey (NC State University)    
  Heiken (AIR)    
SESSION 2 (1 p.m. - 2 p.m.)
Room 706 Room 806 Room 906 Room 1006
Ambient Monitoring Characterization Analysis Control Strategies
French (EMA) Graham (Env. Canada) Wayson (Volpe) Lenox (ORNL)
Full (ESP) B. Bailey (CRC) Kircher (Puget Sound) Koerber (LADCO)
Scheffe (EPA-OAQPS) Niemeier (UC- Davis) Pepple (HGA Council) Kimbrough (EPA- ORD)
C. Bailey (EPA- OTAQ) Robinson (Carnegie Mellon) Vescio (ESP) R. Cook (EPA-OTAQ)
Block (NESCAUM) Baldauf (EPA- OTAQ) Frey (NC State University) Bortnick (Battelle)
Valentinetti (VT DEQ) Jordan (TX DOT) Chan (EFEE) Berg (Southeastern MI)
Bingham (UT DOT) Wang (Argonne) Gertler (DRI) Carr (ICF)
Zamurs (NY DOT) Eisinger (Sonoma Tech) Heiken (AIR) High (RSG)
Ambient Monitoring Characterization Analysis Control Strategies
Billings (Wasatch Front) Fitz (UC- Riverside) Brecher (Volpe) Lax (API)
Brady (CALTRANS) Lawson (NREL) Watson (Hillsborough Co.) Heishman (Ind. Consultant)
Nizich (EPA-OAQPS) Clagget (FHWA) Hulsey (Sierra Club) Clark (WVU)
  Byers (FAA) Gilroy (Puget Sound) Houk (FHWA)
  Hafner (STI)    

SESSION 3 (2:15 p.m. - 3:15 p.m.)

Ambient Monitoring Characterization Analysis Control Strategies
Wayson (Volpe) Gilroy (Puget Sound) Wang (Argonne) Heiken (AIR)
Clagget (FHWA) R.Cook (EPA- OTAQ) Zamurs (NY DOT) Eisinger (Sonoma Tech)
Brecher (Volpe) Lax (API) Graham (Env. Canada) Scheffe (EPA- OAQPS)
Watson ( Hillsborough Co.) Lenox (ORNL) Carr (ICF) Jordan (TX DOT)
Koerber (LADCO) Clark (WVU) Billings (Wasatch Front) Brady (CALTRANS)
Kimbrough (EPA- ORD) Berg (Southeastern MI) Valentinetti (VT DEQ) Fitz (UC- Riverside)
Frey (NC State University) Block (NESCAUM) French (EMA) B. Bailey (CRC)
Niemeier (UC- Davis) C. Bailey (EPA- OTAQ) Heishman (Ind. Consultant) Pepple (HGA Council)
Hulsey (Sierra Club) Bingham (UT DOT) High (RSG) Baldauf (EPA-OTAQ)
Bortnick (Battelle) Vescio (ESP) Full (ESP) Nizich (EPA-OAQPS)
Gertler (DRI) Nizich (EPA-OAQPS) Robinson (Carnegie Mellon) Kircher (Puget Sound)
Houk (FHWA)   Lawson (NREL) Chan (EFEE)
    Byers (FAA)  
    Hafner (STI)  
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