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FY 1998 CMAQ Annual Reports



Massachusetts 36192 $42,884,498 $14,905,408 34.8%
$496,000 Traffic Flow Southeast Expressway HOV Lane/ to continue daily contra-flow operations on a 6-mile roadway entering the city 4309 2020
$800,000 Transit Lowell/ Gallagher Terminal (A&E) to continue the design and construction of a communter rail parking garage at the Gallagher Terminal 16 31
$180,000 Transit MVTA bus replacement/ to replace buses for the Martha's Vineyard Regional Transit Authority 1 7
$160,000 Transit Newton city shuttle/ to serve as a feeder to existing transit service intra-city 3 3 0
$77,000 Transit Westwood shuttle/ to supplement an existing shuttle operated by a local TMA
$2,500,000 Transit PVTA bus replacement/ to replace buses for the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority 6 48 70
$92,400 Transit CCRTA mini-bus purchase/ to purchase mini-buses for the Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority 0 0
$5,840,000 Transit Worcester Intermodal Center/ to continue the design and construction of the Worcester Union Station Intermodal Center 15 152 22
$448,000 Traffic Flow CCRTA traffic management center/ to create a traffic management center/ intelligent transportation system 1 2
$560,000 Transit MRTA bus purchase/ to purchase buses for the Montachusett Regional Transit Authority 0 1
$1,734,693 Transit MVRTA bus replacement/ to purchase buses for the Merrimack Valley Regional Transit Authority 0 8
$560,000 Demand Mgmt Commuter Operations/ CARAVAN/ to execute contract with agency to provide commuter options service to interested parties
$40,000 Demand Mgmt Andover/ River Rd TMA/ to continue development of local TMA 8 80 12
$4,515 Shared Ride Boxford parking lot/ to expand from 15 to 30 spaces an existing commuter parking lot 223 385
$70,800 Demand Mgmt Transtopics - WRTA/ to provide transportation information to commuters 1 16 1
$38,000 Demand Mgmt Cambridge TDM marketing/ to develop a marketing program within the city for TDM measures 15 141 24
$38,800 Demand Mgmt Lowell TMA creation/ to create clearinghouse of transportation options and information to commuters Not Submitted
$40,000 Demand Mgmt Bridgewater TMA/ to provide funding for a TMA coordinator 4 35 6
$80,000 Transit GATRA/ Wareham shuttle/ to provide a summer bus service 1 1
$116,600 Transit BRPC/ Lee shuttle/ to create a shuttle bus system from Lee to the retail outlet shopping center 0 1 0
$153,760 Transit WRTA rural routes/ to subsidize vanpool services for underserved or unserved communities for access to jobs in these areas 1 14 2
$59,060 Ped/Bike WRTA bike racks/ to purchase an install bike racks n the entire fleet of the worcester Regional Transit Authority 0 4 1
$96,720 Transit Newburyport shuttle/ to provide shuttle service between the downtown, the parking lot and the rail station 1 2
$133,000 Transit Logan Airport TMA/ to subsidize an early morning shuttle through two cities for employees who work at the airport 1 7 1
$33,520 Transit Nantucket beach shuttle/ to subsidize a summer shuttle for vacationers to Nantucket's beaches 1 1
$72,700 Transit Brockton Area shuttle/ to sudsidize a new route between Brockton and the Avon Industrial Park 2 18 2
$98,400 Transit Plymouth area shuttle/ to continue the operation of a shuttle program for Plymouth, Brockton and the rail station 2 23 2
$166,400 Transit LRTA shuttle to offices/ to provide transportation for welfare-to-work cities to office parks 16 160 23
$215,040 Transit MVRTA-River Rd shuttle to offices/ to provide a shuttle bus between MVRTA terminal and River Rd business area 1 2

Totals $1,140,126,664 $682,559,020 59.9%
Updated: 7/6/2011
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