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FY 1998 CMAQ Annual Reports

New Hampsire


New Hampshire 36194 $5,530,461 $5,397,323 97.6%
($26,954.05) Shared Ride Bedford/ Process HOV Through designated automatic lane (94-14CM) Previously Reported    
($40,903.42) Shared Ride Concord/ Construct Park-N-Ride facility between Stickney Avenue and I-93 SB (94-19CM) Previously Reported    
$20,000 Other Concord/ Develop comprehensive TIP for SW Concord incorporating: HWY, pedestrian, bikeway, Park-N-Ride (94-18CM)        
$140,368.80 Ped/Bike Derry/ To provide for 2 E-W pathway corridors and combine with 2 N-S pathway corridors (96-08CM) 1   1  
$28,000 Transit Dover/ Construct rail platform and re-furbish existing infrastructure for intermodal rail terminal 9   13  
$12,800 Transit Dover/ NH 155, expansion of existing c&j trailways parking lot for a 394 space Park-N-Ride bus station (96-20CM) 5   11  
($122,158) Transit Epping-Kingston-Plaistow/ Various, purchase replacement equipment to continue operation of the "To Boston Commuter Service" (94-38CM) 9   13  
$48,000 Transit Exeter/ Lincoln Street, construct rail passenger station with handicapped access, paved parking for 70 cars, lighting 9   13  
$1,200 Traffic Flow Goffstown/ Intersection improvements along Mast Rd. at Rockland Rd. and College Rd. Add center turn lane 1 11 0  
$129,300.86 Other Gorham/ Rail bridge clearance project (96-04CM) 2   36  
$72,000 Shared Ride Hampstead/ NH 111/ NH 121, construct new 100 space P-N-R facility with shelter. Facility to include lighting, telephone service, and bycycle storage lockers (96-25CM)        
$40,000 Demand Mgmt Londonderry/ Establish transportation management association for Manchester Airport area, develop regulations - traffic reduction (94-16CM) 2 16 3  
$180,000 Transit Manchester/ Replace (1) 1974 bus due to unavailable replacement parts for repairs (94-15CM)        
($1,236.35) Shared Ride Nashua/ Construct expansion of existing Park-N-Ride to 250 spaces near FE Everett Turnpike - Exit 5 Previously Reported    
($4,000) Traffic Flow Nashua/ Implement short term recommendations of "NDCS" to reduce congestion in the Nashua CBD, Traffic circulation improvement (94-24CM) Previously Reported    
$9,567.80 Ped/Bike Nashua/ Sidewalk system improvements for Nashua school district. Will obviate need to bus students, enhance Ped/ Bike safety along corridors.        
$16,000 Traffic Flow Nashua/ Main Street, replace existing signal controller hardware with compatible state of the art equipment from Allds St. to Library Hill (96-27CM) 2 28 3  
$80,000 Transit Nashua/ Construct "CNG" fueling facility for city transit system to include bus storage, repair, servicing, parts, operating storage and space (96-29CM) 6 17 20  
$1,970,589 Traffic Flow Nashua-Amherst-Milford/ NH 101A, construction of roadway widenings in conjunction with signal coordination        
($34,553.43) Shared Ride Plaistow/ Construct intermodal facility including 125 parking spaces at Westville Road (was 11879) Previously Reported    
$5,327.20 Shared Ride Portsmouth/ Upgrade existing Park-N-Ride and install user amenities 1   2  
$909,742.26 Shared Ride Portsmouth/ Construct 500 space Park-N-Ride with bus terminal on NH near I-95, Exit 3 4   24  
($4,060) Transit Portsmouth-Newburyport/ Expand Seacoast Trolley to include Portsmouth/ Pease and area Park-N-Rides (94-37CM) Previously Reported    
$4,000 Transit Rockingham Planning Commision/ Develop and print public transportation guide for Salem-Plainstow-Windham MPO region to provide a comprehensive source of information about transportation alternatives available to public (96-23CM) 1   1  
($200,000) Shared Ride PE for potential Park-N-Ride lots in non-attainment areas Previously Reported    
($20,541.60) Other Develop I/M Emissions program (94-08CM) Previously Reported    
$1,818,000 Transit Acquire 6 intercity coaches for commuter bus service by private entities to expand service to new areas or enhance existing areas (96-03CM) 2   2  
$126,400 Transit Alternate trans. Marketing program- provide funds for indiv, transit, or commuter bus operators for statewide marketing efforts to promote N-N-R's trans, maps, and educational materials for trans. alternatives (96-02CM) 38   61  
$206,754 Other NH Div Environmental Services, develop and implement series of public service announcements in NH centered around "clean driving" (96-29CM) 100 896 89  
($40,000) Transit Windham/ Provide 26 passenger bus for transportation to senior center activities, medical appointments and recreation trips (96-29CM) Previously Reported    
$73,680.20 Shared Ride Windham/ Provide safety and convenience improvements to NHDOT P-N-R lot west of I-93. Includes lighting, signage, shelter, telephones, and bike locker storage (96-24CM) 0   1  

Totals $1,140,126,664 $682,559,020 59.9%
Updated: 7/6/2011
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