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FY 1998 CMAQ Annual Reports



Pennsylvania 36216 $64,031,340 33,109,210 51.7%
$60,000 Traffic Flow Chester County Closed Loop - Upgrade 38 Traffic signals in East Whiteland, West Whiteland, Uwchlan and East Caln Townships. The Upgrade will include fiber optic aerial interconnect. 13 89 1  
$20,000 Traffic Flow West Chester Borough Traffic Signals- Installation of signalization equipment at 26 intersection for traffic signal interconnect utilizing closed loop technology. The upgrade will take place on SR 3 (West Chester Pike) and multiple intersections 5 31 0  
$754,400 Traffic Flow PA 3: US1 - Victory lane- This project involves various improvements on SR 3 from US1 to Victory Lane in Upper Darby Township. The improvements include interconnection of nine traffic signals and the extension of left-turn lanes. 12 79 1  
$0 Traffic Flow US 30 Closed Loop- Install a closed loop traffic system at 21 intersections on US 30 in Lower Merion Township. This 4.0 mile project runs from City Line Avenue to County Line Road. 12 70 1  
$240,000 Other Lower Merion Township Alternative Fuels- Construct a natural gas refueling station, including 71 vehicle conversions, at the public works complex (Woodbine Avenue, Penn Valley). 5 22 2  
$0 Ped/Bike Chester Valley Trail Extension - This project involves the construction of a bikeway from South Gulph Road to the Hughes park Station in Upper Merion Township. The Project also includes installation of bike lockers. 3 22 2  
$160,000 Ped/Bike Cobbs Creek Bikeway - Construct a 10.2 mile bikeway/pedestrian path from City Line Avenue (US) to the Industrial Highway (PA 2910) near the entrance to the Philadelphia International Airport. 31 255 19  
$107,600 Traffic Flow Harbison/Aramingo Intersection Improvements - Upgrade of traffic signals at 35 intersections between US 1 and York Street in the City of Philadelphia. Left turn lanes will also be added on SR 2009. 74 456 7  
$80,000 Ped/Bike Bike Outreach Program - This project consists of the district wide promotion of bicycle improvements and bikeways in the region. 27 217 23  
$5,772,120 Traffic Flow Center City Traffic System - This project involves traffic signal improvements and related work at approximately 90 intersections in the City of Philadelphia. 46 309 5  
$100,000 Traffic Flow Roosevelt Boulevard; Longshore Avenue to Cornwell - This project involves corridor and intersection improvement including major signalization, left turn lanes and signal phasing on Roosevelt Boulevard (SR 1) from Longshore Avenue to Conwell Avenue 21 148 0  
$100,000 Demand Mgmt Ozone Action Program - This project involves forecasting services by the University of Maryland, faxing services, a random telephone survey at the conclusion of the season to determine the penetration of the message, the kickoff event and the printing of 7 1 1  
$19,120,000 Transit I-95 Transit Improvements - This project involves the reconstruction of rail and transit infrastructure, rolling stock, switches and bus shuttle service at Cornwell station. 16 87 22  
$77,500 Traffic Flow US 11 Computerized Traffic Signal System - This project involves installation of a computerized traffic signal system to interconnect six intersections along US 11, from the PA 581 ramps to Country Club Road. 4 25 0  
$29,300 Transit PA 147 Park and Ride- This project involves the construction of a 50-75 space park and ride lot off PA 147 in Millersburg. 0 -1 1  
$98,000 Transit Park and Ride Lots - This project involves the construction of park and ride lots at the following locations; US 222 and the I-76 interchange, PA 283 and the PA 743 interchange, and PA 283 and the Rheems interchange. 0 -1 1  
$230,000 Transit George Street Park and Ride- This project involves the construction of a 75 space park and ride lot at the intersection of US 22 and PA 34 in Howe Township. 0 -1 1  
$200,000 Traffic Flow Hanover Signals - This project involves upgrading 22 traffic signals and installing a computerized signal system of PA 94. The project is located in the Borough of Hanover. 8 60 1  
$65,000 Shared Ride US 22 - PA 34 Park and Ride - This project involves the construction of a park and ride lot in the vicinity of Exit 10 of I-83 at North George Street. This project is located in Manchester Township. 0 -1 1  
$40,000 Shared Ride Blair Park and Ride Lots - This project involves identifying a need for Park and Ride facilities, and if needed, located site, design and construct the same. 0 -1 1  
$172,500 Shared Ride McBride Park and Ride Lot- Construct a park and ride lot on PA 8 north of T-503 in Penn Township. The lot will provide 45 parking spaces. 1 10 2  
$146,700 Traffic Flow Freeway Surveillance - This project will consist of incident detection via closed circuit TV cameras, loop detectors and CB monitors. Information of traffic conditions will be supplied to the motorists by the use of changeable signs and a parkway advisor 1 8 0  
$296,000 Other University of Pittsburgh Natural Gas Vehicle Program - Conversion of 20 vehicles (vanpool fleet) from gasoline to clean burning natural gas. 2 7 1  
$640,000 Traffic Flow I-279/I-376 Connector - Reconstruct/replace existing roadways to allow for the direct connection of I-279 south bound to I-376 east bound. 9 0 67  
$1,364,930 Traffic Flow PA 8/Kittaning Road Interchange - Widen the roadway to allow for two thru lanes in each direction and upgrade the existing traffic signal system. 12 0 98  
$100,000 Shared Ride Rideshare Incentives Program - This project involves development of a rideshare incentives program which will identify practical incentives that may encourage commuters to start or continue ridesharing to work. The proposed driver incentives include rid 8 56 9  
$916,800 Traffic Flow PA 51/88 Intersection - This project involves widening PA 51 to provide standard lane widths, upgrading traffic signals, and the addition of a left turn lane at the intersection with Stewart avenue. 14 81 2  
$13,500 Traffic Flow Donora CBD Traffic Signals - Remove old traffic signal equipment and replace with new interconnected traffic signal system. The project involves ten traffic signal locations. 1 9 0  
$16,000 Traffic Flow US 19 Safety Improvements - widen US 19 to accommodate left turn lanes and replace the traffic signal at the intersection with SR 1047 5 35 0  
$45,000 Traffic Flow US 19 Widening - Widen US 19 from North Avenue to the Mall to allow for left turn lanes. Also, replace old traffic signals and interconnect new ones in this corridor. 6 50 0  
$482,440 Transit Southpoint Park and Ride - This project involves the construction of a 129 space park and ride lot at the intersection of SR 1032 (Southpoint Boulevard) and SR 1009 (Morganza Road) in Cecil Township. 1 10 2  
$246,000 Shared Ride Park and Ride Lot I-70 at exit 5 0 1 0  
$826,000 Other Enhanced Automobile Emissions Inspection and Maintenance Program 336   112  
$589,420   Additional Obligations to Previously Authorized Projects        

Totals $1,140,126,664 $682,559,020 59.9%
Updated: 7/6/2011
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