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Year Eight Report


$120,000 Demand ManagementDemand Management
Study area consists of Clark County. This project will focus on improving system performance measures through additional data collection analysis of system performance and the preparation of a system performance report.
0 0 QA 0
$500,000 Demand ManagementDemand Management
TDM funding
381 3701 345 0
$200,000 Demand ManagementDemand Management
Development of a Clark Co. urbanized area transportation management and control systems ITS plan
0 0 QA 0
$80,135 Demand ManagementDemand Management
Conduct operational analysis of HOV facilities in the I-5 Corridor. Study will develop various HOV lane configurations analyze the operation of the HOV lanes and adjacent travel lanes analyze the potential use of reversible lanes across the interstate.
0 0 QA 0
$22,000 Demand ManagementDemand Management
Complete traffic counts at all traffic signal locations on Mill Plain between I-5 and I-205. Complete traffic timing models.
19 187 -20 0
$108,432 Demand ManagementDemand Management
Complete traffic counts at all traffic signals between I-5 and SR 503 complete traffic signal timing models provide PS&E to construct interconnect conduit and cabling between Van Mall Dr. and SR 503 and construct new controllers.
29 276 -3 0
$937,927 MiscellaneousMiscellaneous
Obligations To Previously Approved Projects
0 0 QA 0
$(816,017) MiscellaneousMiscellaneous
Deobligations from Previously Approved Projects
0 0 0 0
$58,000 Pedestrian/BicyclePedestrian/Bicycle
Connect existing sidewalk on both sides of Holly Drive. Const 5-8' paved shoulders or sidewalk and striped bike lanes. Drainage improvements to meet new ESA requirements paving signing.
73 54 36 0
$110,201 Pedestrian/BicyclePedestrian/Bicycle
Install bike racks bike lanes drain grates and bike route and regulatory signing at multiple location city wide and other safety improvements along bike routes. Develop and produce bike guide maps. Construct bike boulevard generally along several route
36 181 18 0
$115,477 Pedestrian/BicyclePedestrian/Bicycle
Install asphalt or concrete walkways curb ramps at transit stops sidewalk extensions ped signals and lighting help fund West Lake UnionTrail East Lake Union Walkway and Wallingford Steps projects Conduct training seminar on ped design issues.
0 9 0 0
$86,500 Pedestrian/BicyclePedestrian/Bicycle
Create bike lanes between Columbia and Andresen. Install ADA ramps at intersections. Remove on street parking and re-stripe roadway for two travel lanes and two bike lanes. Improve ADA at intersections landscape and add bus shelter and/or benches.
1 17 1 0
$25,455 Pedestrian/BicyclePedestrian/Bicycle
Const 8' sidewalk for ped/bike faclility.
0 4 0 0
$1,500,000 Traffic Flow ImprovementsTraffic Flow Improvements
Reconstruct travel lanes to provide a TWLTL parking landscaped median sidewalks and lighting improvements improved drainage and signal improvements.
0 9 0 0
$60,000 Traffic Flow ImprovementsTraffic Flow Improvements
Install new traffic controllers at 44 +/- intersections. Also upgrade existing interconnected controllers at four locations to maintain efficient east/west transit and vehicle movement. Upgrade pedestrian signal heads. Also repave 50th between 7th and
18 236 -9 0
$262,000 TransitTransit
Design and const 5 transit link projects identified in Bellevue Transit Links Study
18 100 0 0
Totals $1,515,632,668$1,141,784,53375.3%
Updated: 7/6/2011
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