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CMAQ Project Tracking System User's Guide

1. Introduction: Users and Options

Welcome to the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) Tracking System. This Web-enabled system provides users with a simple, efficient way of entering and monitoring project information gathered by fiscal year. The CMAQ System simplifies the process of submitting the required annual report and generates reports based on data within the System and allows users to monitor the current status of project funding.

The CMAQ System runs on both Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Netscape's Navigator. The System uses an Oracle9I database to store project information, and Seagate's Crystal Reports to generate reports on projects.

There are four types of users in the CMAQ System:

At each level, at least one person will have authority to approve project data (discussed below and in section 10).

The CMAQ Tracking System is set up to mimic the existing flow of paper CMAQ reports. Project data is to be entered at the level closest to the project, which probably has the best idea of what work is being done. Which level this is is not standard. Depending on which state and which year, we have received data that originated at MPOs, at state district offices, at state central offices and even at FHWA Division Offices. The CMAQ Tracking System does not require changing this level of responsibility. Whoever has been typing in the data can now enter it online instead.

MPO Users

The following options are available to MPO users:

Under the Entry tab, Enter a New Project is used to enter data into the System via a series of data entry screens. You can hit the Save Data For Later Editing icon and return to the project later for further editing. When complete, the user can use the Save Data and Submit for Approval function to submit the data to someone else in the MPO who has approval rights. When this person approves all the MPO's projects, the System sends an e-mail to State level user who have approval rights that the current year's data is available for review and approval. (See Section 10: Approval below for details.)

Enter Subsequent Project is used to enter additional funding and benefits data for a project that was originally entered in a previous fiscal year without having to re-enter all of the other project information.

Edit Existing Project allows the user to add information to a project for which some data was previously entered.

MPO users can use the Search function to search for projects within the state as well as those that have been approved by HQ.

The Reports function is used to organize the project data into the 15 different reporting formats used in the CMAQ annual reports. These reports can be generated on projects entered/approved by each user level, as well as those approved by HQ. Once generated, the reports can be printed or exported to a file.

Under the Utilities tab, the Upload Project Information function, can be utilized by users with their own systems in place. This function allows them to extract information from their current systems and transfer it to the CMAQ System. Refer to Appendices 1 & 2 for more information on the batch upload process.

MPO users who have Approval rights can also approve project data entered by the MPO. Data entered by the MPO needs to be approved before the State DOT can review it.

State DOT Users

State DOT users have access to the same options as MPOs. State DOT users may enter project data, approve project data, and review project data entered by MPOs in their State.

At least one user in each office (MPO, STATE, DIVISION, HQ) needs to have the ability to approve projects. Users who have project approval rights can approve project data, which causes the System to notify the next level user that there is project data awaiting review.

So, if a user in the East-West Gateway Coordinating Council approves project data, a message will appear on the opening screen of MoDOT users who have approval rights that there is project data awaiting approval. The State DOT user can then either approve the project or reject it and send it back for review. Data for multiple projects can be approved at one time.

Approval of all projects electronically by the State is equivalent to compiling a paper report from MPOs and State District Offices and forwarding it to the FHWA Division Office.

FHWA Division Users

FHWA Division users have access to the same options that State DOT users have. Division users who have approval rights review project data submitted by the State DOT users or entered by other Division users. Once project data is reviewed, it can either be given approval or returned for correction.

FHWA HQ users

FHWA HQ users have access to the same options as the Division.

HQ users review and approve project data that have been approved by Division users or entered into the System by other HQ users. Upon approval of the entire national program by headquarters, the data is used to compile the national CMAQ annual report.

Updated: 7/6/2011
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