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CMAQ Project Tracking System User's Guide

2. Gaining Access to the CMAQ System & Logging On

FHWA Division Users

FHWA Division users of the system are "Sponsors," which means they can sponsor State and local "Users," as well as others in their Division office, into the CMAQ System. If no one in the Division has access to the system, contact Robert Kafalenos or Diane Turchetta in FHWA headquarters. [If you need to sponsor someone else in your Division office, skip to step two in the next section.]

State or Local Users

There are two steps involved in becoming a State or local User of the CMAQ system. The first step is for the State/local user to apply for access to FHWA's User Profile and Access Control System (UPACS). To initiate this, go to the following web address:

Click on "FHWA Information Systems" (in blue), and UPACS will be loaded. Click on the "Register Now" icon, and input your email address and the ID of the UPACS Administrator in you State. When you click on "next," you will go to the "Registration Profile" where you complete your official contact information. Click on "submit" at the bottom of this screen to send a message to the UPACS Administrator that you are requesting a UPACS ID.

One way to get the ID of the UPACS Administrator is to click on the "UPACS Administrator" link and get a list of all the UPACS Administrators. As there are two listed for each Division, you may want to call the Division office first to see which administrator handles UPACS IDs.

You should receive back from the UPACS Administrator a message with your UPACS ID, which is typically your first initial and last name but may vary slightly. Keep in mind that it may take several days or longer for the UPACS administrator to verify your information and grant the ID.

The second step is performed by the Division planner/ air quality specialist who sponsors new CMAQ users.

The Division sponsor creates a CMAQ user by clicking on "User Profile and Access Control System" which takes you to an area for changing passwords and profiles, and also where modifications can be made to system rights for the CMAQ system. The Division user then clicks on the "Establish, Change or Remove System Access Rights for:" the CMAQ system, which takes you to a "UPACS-CMAQ Maintenance" screen where you have to put in the UPACS ID of the state or local person you are adding to the system. (Until someone has a UPACS ID, you can't make her or him a CMAQ user.)

When you put in a valid ID and click next, you are taken to a screen of information about that person, the same information just submitted by that person to your UPACS administrator. Clicking on "CMAQ Access Rights" at the bottom of the page takes you to the next page, where you actually grant rights. You do want to verify all of the information to be sure you have the right person.

At least one user in each MPO and State office should be granted approval rights, while all users will be able to enter project data.

Logging Into the CMAQ System

Users must login to CMAQ using UPACS. FHWA users can get to this system by opening up a web browser and going to and clicking on "Information Systems." State and local users access the system over the internet via For any additional registration information for the UPACS system not covered in this document, click the 'Help' button on the top right of the screen or refer to the UPACS User Document.

screenshot of the login page with locations of Help, Login, and Register Now buttons emphasized

Enter your user ID and Password and click the Login button

A list of systems available for access will appear. Click the Info button to view information about the CMAQ System or click the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality System link to enter CMAQ.

screenshot of page displaying list of available systems with locations of the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality System link and Info button emphasized

At this point it should be noted that there are several access points to the CMAQ Tracking System, which have been labeled individually for identification purposes. This screen shot shows "CMAQI" which shows what a user sees when accessing over the internet. FHWA users entering through the FHWA Staffnet will see "CMAQ" at this point. Both of the access points lead to the same database.

There is also a training and testing version, "CMAQT," which is accessible from FHWA offices through the FHWA Staffnet. CMAQT does not affect the actual CMAQ database and is available for practice and demonstration purposes. Nothing entered through CMAQT will appear in the CMAQ database.

Updated: 7/6/2011
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