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CMAQ Project Tracking System User's Guide

5. New Subsequent Project Entry

This option lets you continue a project from a previous year. You can enter additional funding for a project that was entered in a previous fiscal year. In the cases where you have conducted a new emissions analysis indicating an incremental increase in benefits over the original project entry, it also allows you to input updated benefits.

In order to enter data for a multi-year project, locate the project through the Subsequent Project/Enter New Subsequent Project menu. Enter the original project's year as it appears in the CMAQ-ID of the project you want to create. Then, you will be presented with a list of projects that match the selected year. To view subsequent projects or create new subsequent project, select the relevant project from the list and then click on the left side of the relevant project to open the hierarchy("alt") and press "Add new subsequent project" to redirect to the one page data entry form. At the top of the form, select the reporting year for the new obligation. Below, the system shows detailed information pertaining to that project and allows the user to enter funding for the New Year. For deobligations, the user may enter a negative number.

Do not enter any emissions benefits if there has been no change in the analysis. If you enter new emissions benefits, keep in mind that the system will report the new number for this subsequent project. Only incremental benefits associated with the subsequent project should be entered.

Once you record this updated project in the system (by either clicking on "Save Data and Submit for Approval" or "Save Data For Later Editing"), the only way to edit the project in the future will be through the "Edit Existing Subsequent Project" menu, since the project data will now be current project data. In this instance, remember that the information submitted here will create a new project based on old data (aside from the newly entered funding).

*Note: Please be advised that only one subsequent project can be entered in the database for each year.

*Note: Please be advised that the subsequent project's year can't be same as main project's year. Subsequent project's year should be greater than main project's year.

*Note: When entering project data, be sure to click on either the "Save Data and Submit for Approval" or "Save Data for Later Editing" buttons to retain your updated project information.

Updated: 3/17/2016
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