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CMAQ Project Tracking System User's Guide

9. Reports: Generating Reports

To generate a report, select the Reports tab from the main menu. Choose from a list of reports by selecting the radio button next to the report description. The system creates the reports using Crystal Viewer software, which should automatically download to your computer when you first run a report. Alternatively, the system will generate an HTML version if you select HTML report at the bottom of the screen.

screenshot of CMAQ Reporting page with Reports tab highlighted

Select a single Federal Fiscal Year, or select "By Fiscal Year" to generate reports for each year listed.

Set the Status Selection Criteria to all to include all data regardless of approval status. Alternatively, you can specify the Status: Entered means projects for which data has been entered and saved for later editing. Submitted indicates projects for which data has been entered and then the submit data for approval button has been hit. Approved picks up projects that have been approved. Generally the system lets the user see only the projects for their geographic region. However, any user can view reports on all projects that have been Approved by HQ.

These reports are used in putting together the annual National CMAQ report. MPO and State users may find the reports useful in presenting data on the CMAQ program in their area.

Once you submit a report to view, a new window will appear with the requested report. To print this report, click on the print icon in the report window.

screenshot of an example report with pie chart representation of data. Print button highlighted.

The Detailed Project Listing Report, produces a spreadsheet report. This can also be exported to Excel to produce an Excel version. The button to click for exporting to Excel is circled.

screenshot of Detailed Project Listing Report emphasizing button for exporting to Excel

Updated: 7/6/2011
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