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CMAQ Project Tracking System User's Guide

Appendix 1: The Upload process

Information for a particular CMAQ project may have already been compiled through other software packages. The upload process for the CMAQ System is a process designed to provide users with the ability to send one or many CMAQ projects to the System without having to enter them individually through the System. With this process, a user can take the information collected with other software, convert it to the correct format, and send it in one file to the System.

Naming Convention

The upload process looks specifically for comma delimited files. The file should be saved in either .txt or .csv format. The required naming convention per file is as follows:

A two-letter state abbreviation (e.g.., AL = Alabama, CA = California, WV = West Virginia, etc. . .), followed by the user level (e.g., H = Headquarters, D = Division, S = State, M = MPO), followed by the User Profile and Access Control System (UPACS) ID, followed by additional optional numbers.

Example: masjlennon123.txt (for Massachusetts State DOT user John Lennon)

File Format

These text files must be comma delineated. In other words, a comma MUST separate each piece of information contained in the file. There is a particular format that MUST be adhered to which is listed below. All CMAQ upload files MUST contain the following fields (either as valid data or a blank separated by a comma, and in order):

CMAQ Project's Title, CMAQ Project's State, CMAQ Project's MPO, CMAQ Project's Non-Attainment Area, CMAQ Project's Year, CMAQ Project Reporting Category, Total CMAQ Amount, Total Project Amount, VOC Benefit/ Qualitative Analysis *, CO Benefit/ Qualitative Analysis *, NOx Benefit/Qualitative Analysis *, PM10 Benefit/Qualitative Analysis *, Previously recorded VOC benefit, Previously recorded CO benefit, Previously recorded NOx benefit, Previously recorded PM10 benefit, CMAQ Project's Development Activity, CMAQ Project's Outreach, CMAQ Project's Approval SIP, CMAQ Project Description, Project's FMIS ID, Project's STATE ID, and Project's TIP ID

*A project should list either a quantitative benefit (in kg/day) or a qualitative analysis, but NOT both.

A user-friendly version of this breakdown can be found on-line in the CMAQ System under "Upload File Help." (Once you enter the System, go to: Utilities-Upload Project Information-Upload File Help). Upload File Help lists all the fields and the required parameters for the data. Please note that there is also a short summary of this process found under the main Help icon found on the right side of the main page.

Specific things to keep in mind when using the upload utility include:

If any of the required fields are missing or out of place, the data would be considered corrupt and the entire file would be rejected. The System informs the user as to whether a file is accepted or rejected.

Keep in mind that at least one of the eight emissions benefits fields needs data in it for the System to accept the upload. See the Upload Data Schema below for specific guidelines on the data in each field.

Once a file has been uploaded into the System, it is irretrievable and awaits an user with approval rights to send it to the data base.

An upload file that looks like this:
projtest,DC,Metropolitan Washington COG,Washington DC-MD-VA,2004,Demand Management,50000,62500,2,3,,,,,,,No,No,No,project description,,,

Will look like this once it has been uploaded into the system:

There are 1 CMAQ projects in this file.

Your file has been uploaded onto the system and will be awaiting approval. Please take a moment and review your submitted information. If there is data that you feel is inaccurate, you may delete the file at this time with a button located at the bottom of this screen.

Project Title: projtest
State: DC
MPO: Metropolitan Washington COG
Non Attainment/Maintenance Area: Washington DC-MD-VA
Year: 2004
Project Reporting Category: Demand Management
CMAQ Amount: $50,000
Total Amount: $62,500
VOC Benefit: 2
CO Benefit: 3
NOx Benefit: N/A
PM-10 Benefit: N/A
PM-10 QA: N/A
VOC PR Benefit: 0
CO PR Benefit: 0
NOx PR Benefit: 0
PM-10 PR Benefit: 0
Development Activity: No
Outreach Activity: No
Approved SIP: No
Project Description: project description
FMIS Project ID:
State Project ID:
TIP Project ID:

Upload Data Schema

File Format
Field Order and name/description Field Size Field Type Required?(Y/N) Examples
1) CMAQ Project's Title 80 Character Y  
2) CMAQ Project's State 20 Character Y  
3) CMAQ Project's MPO 90 Character
See Figure 2
4) CMAQ Project's Non-Attainment Area 50 Character
See Figure 3
5) CMAQ Project's Fiscal Year 4 Numeric Y 2002
6) CMAQ Project Reporting Category 40 CharacterSee Figure 1 Y  
7) Total CMAQ Amount 9,2 Numeric Y 100000 or 500.50
8) Total Project Amount 9,2 Numeric Y 5000000 or 8500.45
9) VOC Benefit or Qualitative Analysis 8,4 or "Y" Numeric for benefit, "Y" for QA Y 50.1456 or 50.2 or 50 or Y
10) CO Benefit or Qualitative Analysis 8,4 or "Y" Numeric for benefit, "Y" for QA Y 50.1456 or 50.2 or 50 or Y
11) NOx Benefit or Qualitative Analysis 8,4 or "Y" Numeric for benefit, "Y" for QA Y 50.1456 or 50.2 or 50 or Y
12) PM10 Benefit or Qualitative Analysis 8,4 or "Y" Numeric for benefit, "Y" for QA Y 50.1456 or 50.2 or 50 or Y
13) Previously recorded VOC benefit 8,4 Numeric N 50.1456 or 50.2 or 50
14) Previously recorded CO benefit 8,4 Numeric N 50.1456 or 50.2 or 50
15) Previously recorded NOx benefit 8,4 Numeric N 50.1456 or 50.2 or 50
16) Previously recorded PM10 benefit 8,4 Numeric N 50.1456 or 50.2 or 50
17) Question: Is this a planning or development Activity? 3 Character; YES or NO Y YES
18) Question: Is this an outreach activity? 3 Character; YES or NO Y NO
19) Question: Is this a TCM in an approved SIP? 3 Character; YES or NO Y NO
20) CMAQ Project Description 254 Character Y  
21) Project's FMIS ID 12 Character N  
22) Project's State ID As reported to FMIS System 20 Character N  
23) Project's TIP ID As reported to FMIS System 20 Character N  
Updated: 7/6/2011
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