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Transportation Air Quality Selected Facts and Figures

Progress in Reducing Motor Vehicle Emissions

Vehicle Miles Traveled and Lane Mileage

Vehicle Miles Traveled and Lane Mileage. Click image for source data.

Despite rapid growth in VMT, lane miles have remained relatively constant since 1980. Over the past 20 years, VMT have almost doubled, while lane miles have increased only 3 percent. This is mitigated somewhat by targeted traffic flow improvements in some communities that enhance capacity without additional lane mileage.

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Capital Outlays

Capital Outlays. Click image for source data.

In 2002, $8.1 billion in federal funds were obligated and 37,075 miles of federal-aid roadway projects were underway. Although 63 percent of the funds went toward system preservation, 71 percent of the project miles involved system preservation. Only 21 percent of the miles involved capacity additions and 8 percent involved new construction.

Source: Federal Highway Administration. Highway Statistics 2002. October 2003. Table FA-10, Obligation of Federal-aid Highway Funds for Highway Improvements.
Web site: 28 June 2005.
Note: This chart excludes funds and miles related to safety and environmentally-related projects, new bridges and bridge replacement/rehabilitation.

Updated: 7/1/2015
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