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Transportation Planning and Sustainability Guidebook

Figure 5-1. Transportation Planning Framework (Meyer & Miller 2001)

The flowchart for transportation planning framework begins with a vision that considers the issues of prosperity, quality of life, and environmental quality. Based on the vision, goals and objectives are formed. In order to determine if these goals have been met, performance measures are created based on system operations. The performance measures must be designed to create data which can be analyzed using various analytical methods. These analytical methods, performance measures, and other sources for project ideas are combined in the flowchart to create alternative improvement strategies. The alternative improvement strategies are evaluated using specified criteria, and if the strategies are approved by fiscal and resource prioritization, then the improvement strategies will be implemented. The implementation of the strategies should return full-circle and reflect the vision of the original goals, objectives, and system operations outlined at the beginning of the flowchart.

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Updated: 03/27/2014
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