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Transportation Planning and Sustainability Guidebook

Figure 5-14. Comparison of three Atlanta regional plan alternatives using sustainability diamond.

Visual comparison of indices for the three regional transportation plans for Atlanta that plots the indices on four axes to create a diamond shape. On the positive x-axis, social sustainability index is plotted. On the negative x-axis, economic sustainability index is plotted. On the positive y-axis, environmental sustainability index is plotted. On the negative y-axis, transportation effectiveness is plotted. The index values are provided in Table 5-8. The Mobility 2030 plan gets closest to the maximum achievable sustainability with 90.6%, and thus it's diamond plot is the largest. Aspirations 2030 achieved 73.1% and Baseline 2005 achieved only 69.8% of the maximum achievable sustainability score.

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Updated: 03/27/2014
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