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Figure 5-15. General Process of Health Impact Assessment

The HIA process moves through the following steps:

  1. Screening - Does existing knowledge of potential health impacts warrant additional study? If Yes, proceed to step 2. If no, document findings of screening study (negligible impact or impacts already well-known).
  2. Scoping - What potential direct and indirect health effects need investigated? Which population(s) should HIA focus on? Which methods, resources, and participants are appropriate?
  3. Evaluating health impacts - choose to use Rapid Health Impact Appraisal, Health Impact Analysis, or Health Impact Review.
  4. Disseminating results - to stakeholders and decision-makers
  5. Acting on results - adjust policy, program, project to maximize positive and minimize negative health impacts
  6. Monitoring and Evaluation - monitor actual health outcomes of implementation; evaluate HIA process to inform future efforts

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Updated: 03/27/2014
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