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Figure 5-7. Transit Village Application Process

The transit village application process begins by attending a pre-application meeting with the Transit Village Coordinator. This meeting must be no more than six months prior to applying. Existing transit must be identified, and this transit can include bus, rail, light rail, and ferry services. The municipal willingness to grow must then be demonstrated. Some questions that can answer this step include: Has the municipality submitted a resolution by the governing body stipulating the willingness to grow in jobs, housing and population around the transit station? Or Has the municipality provided a map indicating boundaries of the proposed transit village district so that they fall no further than a half mile radius from the transit facility? A transit-oriented development, or TOD, redevelopment plan or TOD zoning ordinance must be adopted which includes transit-supportive site guidelines, transit-supportive architectural design guidelines, and transit-supportive parking regulations. Then specific TOD sites and projects must be identified, including affordable housing and documenting 'ready-to-go' projects. Existing pictures and proposed drawings must also be provided. Bicycle and pedestrian improvements must also be identified by asking if at least on bike/pedestrian infrastructure project has been implemented or planned. Finally, 'place making' efforts near the transit station must be identified, and a management organization must be established. Community events and celebrations, such as arts, entertainment, and cultural events, must be identified. Once all of these steps have been completed, a project can receive the transit village designation.

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Updated: 03/27/2014
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