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Traffic Noise Model: Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Menu: Edit

  1. How does the edit graphic functions work?

    Below is a summary on how the edit graphic menu functions:

    This figure demonstrates the before and after of the graphic edit function for roadways, such as deleting end point, start point, or the entire segment, reverse direction, combine two segments, divide a single segment.
  2. Why doesn't Undo work when I mistyped a data entry?

    The Undo is used to undo graphical edits only.

  3. Can I cut/copy/paste graphical objects?

    No, the cut/copy/paste selections are used in input dialog editing only. You can move an object by holding down the Ctrl key and then drag the object, but you cannot cut/copy and paste it.

  4. Why doesn't the delete key work?

    The delete key is not supported in the TNM software. To delete an object, use the mouse to select it in the Plan View, then in the Edit menu, select Delete Entire Object.

  5. Why doesn't copy and paste work in my input dialogs in TNM Version 1.1?

    (Applies to TNM version 1.1 only)
    In TNM 1.1 input dialogs, changes to data in a dialog's spreadsheet area are reflected in RED until the user selects the Apply button to apply the changes. Unfortunately, this also means in order to paste values into any dialog fields, those fields will need to be in the edited (RED) mode before pasting the values. A simple workaround is to type zeros into those fields you want to paste external values into, then once the fields are RED, paste the values and apply. This has been corrected beginning with TNM Version 2.0.

Updated: 7/15/2011
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