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Appendix F-Metric Conversions

To convert from this unit To this unit Multiply by
inch millimeter 25.4*
inch centimeter 2.54*
foot meter 0.3048*
yard meter 0.9144*
mile kilometer 1.6
millimeter inch 0.039
centimeter inch 0.394
centimeter foot 0.0328
meter foot 3.28
meter yard 1.09
kilometer mile 0.62
acre hectare (square hectometer) 0.405
square kilometer square mile 0.386*
hectare (square hectometer acre 2.47
ounce (avoirdupois) gram 28.35
pound (avoirdupois) kilogram 0.45
ton (2,000 pounds) kilogram 907.18
ton (2,000 pounds) megagram (metric ton) 0.9
gram ounce (avoirdupois) 0.035
kilogram pound (avoirdupois) 2.2
megagram ton (2,000 pounds) 1.102
ounce (U.S. liquid) milliliter 30
cup (inch-pound system) milliliter 247
cup (inch-pound system) liter 0.24
gallon (inch-pound system) liter 3.8
quart (inch-pound system) liter 0.95
pint (inch-pound system) liter 0.47
milliliter ounce (U.S. liquid) 0.034
liter gallon 0.264
liter quart 1.057
degrees Fahrenheit degrees Celsius (°F-32)/1.8
degrees Celsius degrees Fahrenheit (°C x 1.8)+ 32

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