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Climate Change Adaptation Peer Exchanges: Comprehensive Report

Appendix C: Resources for More Information

Identified During the FHWA Adaptation Peer Exchanges

Transportation Adaptation Information

General Adaptation Activities

Transportation and Climate Change Adaptation Peer Exchanges and Workshops

AASHTO Transportation and Climate Change Resources Center-State and Local Adaptation Activities

Integrating Climate Change into the Transportation Planning Process - FHWA (July 2008)

FHWA Transportation and Climate Change Newsletter (Ongoing)

Risk and Vulnerability Assessments

FHWA Climate Change Vulnerability and Risk Assessment Conceptual Model Pilots (Ongoing)

Impacts of Climate Variability and Change on Transportation Systems and Infrastructure-Gulf Coast Study (Ongoing)

Literature Review: Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment, Risk Assessment, and Adaptation Approaches - FHWA (July 2009)

Coastal Resilience (The Nature Conservancy)

Assessing Climate Change Effects and Impacts

Regional Climate Change Effects: Useful Information for Transportation Agencies - FHWA (May 2010)

The Potential Impacts of Climate Change on U.S. Transportation - Transportation Research Board (TRB) Special Report 290 (2008)

Bulletin of the World Meteorological Organization, Weather and climate change implications for surface transportation in the USA - Marjorie McGuirk, Scott Shuford, et. al. (April 2009)

Climate Change Resources

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-climate change website

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)-Fourth Assessment Report

Generic Climate Change and Transportation Resources

US Department of Transportation-Transportation and Climate Change Clearinghouse

FHWA-Highways and Climate Change

FHWA Transportation and Climate Change Newsletter (Ongoing)

National Academy of Sciences

Region-Specific Activities and Reports


Midwestern Regional Climate Center

Purdue Climate Change Research Center

The Polis Center at Indiana University Purdue University-Indianapolis

State Hazard Mitigation Plans

FEMA Resources

State Climatologist

Silver Jackets

FHWA's Sustainable Highways Self-Evaluation Tool

California, Oregon, and Washington State


California Climate Adaptation Strategy (

California Department of Transportation Guidance on Incorporating Sea-Level Rise (2011)

Caltrans Climate Change Branch - Projects and Studies

Cal-Adapt - Exploring California's Climate Change Research

The Impacts of Sea-Level Rise on the California Coast - California Climate Change Center (May 2009)


The Oregon Climate Change Adaptation Framework (December 2010)

ODOT's Climate Change Adaptation Website

ODOT's Sustainability Program


WSDOT Sustainable Transportation Website and Resources

Washington State's Integrated Climate Change Response Strategy (November 2010)

Topic Advisory Group 1 Archive: Built Environment, Infrastructure and Communities

State of Washington, Department of Ecology Clearinghouse: Impacts, Preparation, Adaptation Resources

New England


StormSmart Coasts

StormSmart StormReporter

Northeast Climate Impacts Assessment

Carbon Solutions New England


Connecticut's 2010 Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan Update

The Green Plan: Guiding Land Acquisition and Protection in Connecticut (2007-2012)

Sentinel Monitoring for Climate Change in the Long Island Sound Ecosystem


Planning for Climate Change - Maine State Planning Office

University of Maine, Climate Change Institute

Coastal Hazard Resiliency Tools Project, Southern Maine Regional Planning Commission


Interagency Transportation, Land Use, and Climate Change Cape Cod Pilot Project

Carbon Dioxide, Climate Change, and the Boston Region MPO (May 2008)

Massachusetts Climate Change Adaptation Report (September 2011)

New Hampshire

Assessing the Risk of 100-year Freshwater Floods in the Lamprey River Watershed of New Hampshire Resulting from Changes in Climate and Land Use

Adaptation Strategies to Protect Areas of Increased Risk from Coastal Flooding due to Climate Change, Seabrook, NH. Prepared by the Rockingham Planning Commission (July 2009)

Climate Change in the Piscataqua/Great Bay Region: Past, Present, and Future (December 2011)

Rhode Island

University of Rhode Island Climate Change Collaborative

Rhode Island Flood Awareness and Climate Change Task Force


Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission

Adapting to Climate Change in Vermont - White Papers

Vermont Climate Change Indicators (2011). Alan Betts Atmospheric Research

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