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Albany, NY Workshop - September 2008

MPO Planning and Climate Change Considerations

Chris O'Neill
Capital District Transportation Committee
September 24, 2008



A special project initiated by the New York State Metropolitan Planning Organization Association in 2005


Products of Colloquy

Let's Move Away From This...

We plan as if we know the future and make precise forecasts or assume it's not our job and ignore the issues.

We focus on details of limited significance and miss the big picture.

To This...

We recognize that we cannot make precise forecasts

We engage the public in discussions of vision and vulnerability.

We sort out what we can affect from what we cannot, what we want to achieve from what we want to avoid and plan and invest accordingly.


How has CDTC Integrated climate change considerations into the planning process?

New Visions 2030 Plan

Scenario Planning:

Integrating Land Use and Development Scenarios with Transportation Plans

Map of Vehicle Trips for the Capital District: Map contains dots, each dot representing 25 trips. Dots are clustered in Albany, as well around Saratoga Springs metro area. Dots are also higher along major roadways, such as Interstate 87.

New Visions Scenarios

New Visions for a Quality Region: .

A transportation plan with non-traditional recommendations– with strong public support.

Map shows area within Albany region that includes the following: Established shared-use paths, potential single track trails, potential shared-use paths, existing single track trails, Greenway Corridor, railroads, parks & opens space, and cities and villages. Four potential shared-use paths are highlighted: The Patron Greenway Trail near Interstate 90, the Heldberg Hudson Rail Trail near the village of Bethlehem, the Rensselaer County & Riverfront Trails near I-87 just northeast of Albany, and the Albany Hudson Electric Trail near I-87 east of Albany on the Hudson River.

New Visions for a Quality Region

Scenario Planning is one way to confront the uncertainty of forecasts;

It led to a regional consensus on smart growth.

Represent tremendous challenges--

But also give the MPOs an opportunity for leadership

MPO Planning and Climate Change Considerations

Chris O'Neill
Capital District Transportation Committee
September 24, 2008

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