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Geospatial Data Collaboration: Geospatial Tools for Data-Sharing

September 30, 2014
2:30 pm – 4:00 pm (Eastern Time)

Geospatial Data Collaboration (GDC) is focused on the use in transportation agencies of geographic information systems (GIS) and geospatial data to help stakeholders work together to deliver transportation projects in an efficient manner. The GDC effort is concerned with the development and use of collaborative GIS screening tools, the data libraries that are used to support those tools, and the operating agreements that may exist to ensure the successful delivery of the GIS screening tools and the efficient use of geospatial data resources. All of these components can help transportation agencies meet the goals of the Every Day Counts initiative, which are shortening project delivery time, enhancing safety, and protecting the environment.

Some State DOTs are already using geospatial tools and data in a collaborative manner and reaping the benefits. Florida DOT and more recently Utah DOT have been recognized for this. A report is available that highlights several case studies of other transportation agencies that are implementing some, if not all, of the aspects of geospatial data collaboration. Two peer exchanges were held to share participant experiences and knowledge in using geospatial tools and data and to discover any commonalities in their efforts.

Using the results of the case study report and the peer exchanges, this webinar will highlight several examples of transportation agencies that are developing GIS-based screening tools, exploring better ways to share geospatial data, and learning how to better coordinate and collaborate using these tools and data. This webinar will also offer an opportunity to look at what strategies have been successful for these agencies in overcoming obstacles that they have encountered.


Introduction/Moderator – Mark Sarmiento, Community Planner, Federal Highway Administration

Alisa Fine – Community Planner, Volpe National Transportation Systems Center

Paige Colton – Environmental Protection Specialist, Volpe National Transportation Systems Center


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