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Approved Criteria for Appalachian Development Highway System

Attachment 2 Approved Criteria for Appalachian Development Highway System

Formerly Federal-aid Policy Guide Non-Regulatory Supplement NS 23 CFR, Part 633B,
December 9, 1991, Transmittal 1
See Order 1321.1C FHWA Directives Management

  1. The Appalachian Development Highway System shall provide a safe, economical transport network adequate for the predicated type and volume of traffic to be served by the respective segments.
  2. The system shall be built to provide the maximum number of miles of highways that can be constructed, considering the available Federal funds. The system shall be designed, insofar as practicable, to standards which, as applied to each actual construction project, may be adequate to enable such project to accommodate the types and volumes of traffic anticipated for such project for the 20-year period commencing on the date of approval, under usual Federal-aid highway procedures, of the plans, specifications and estimate for actual construction of such project. Provided, however, that nothing herein shall prohibit staged construction where, in the discretion of the State, its finances so require. The right-of-way width on the system shall be adequate to permit construction of projects on the system to these standards.
  3. The Appalachian Development Highway System shall be designed in accordance with prevailing Federal-aid highway standards, specifications, policies and guides applicable to the projected type and volume of traffic.
  4. The design and construction shall be coordinated so as to achieve continuity and reasonable uniformity throughout the System, and provide for an average travel speed of approximately 50 miles per hour between major termini of the System, commensurate with terrain. This shall be considered the prime objective. Elements of design, such as number of lanes, grade, alignment,and degree of access control may be varied to achieve this objective.
  5. The projected type and volume of traffic shall be considered in the determination of access control. Pro vision should be made for partial or full control of access where justified in order to preserve safety and capacity for traffic.
  6. The scenic beauty of the region shall be preserved and enhanced to the extent practicable by incorporating landscaping and beautification into the design of the Appalachian Development Highway System.
  7. Provision shall be made for maximum use of local labor in constructing the System.
  8. The use of indigenous and locally produced materials should be encouraged.


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