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Consultant Services Program Contacts

FHWA Headquarters Contacts

For technical assistance or questions with Federal laws, regulations, policies, and guidance regarding the procurement, management, and administration of consultant services funded with Federal-aid highway program funds, please contact:

John McAvoy
Acting Consultant Services Program Manager
Office of Program Administration

For technical assistance or questions regarding the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) cost principles and indirect cost rate audits of architectural and engineering consulting firms, please contact:

Danial Parker
Senior Financial Policy Analyst
Office of the Chief Financial Officer

FHWA Resource Center Contacts

The FHWA Resource Center assists FHWA Headquarters with dissemination of policy and guidance information and provides training, technical assistance, and technology deployment to FHWA Division Offices and partner agencies. For technical assistance or questions with Federal requirements regarding consultant services funded with Federal-aid highway program funds, please contact:

Jeff Lewis
Project Management Engineer
Construction and Project Management Technical Services Team

FHWA Federal-aid Division Offices Contacts

FHWA maintains a Federal-aid Division Office in each of the fifty States, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. Within each Division Office, a Consultant Services Program Coordinator has been designated to lead stewardship and oversight efforts and provide assistance regarding the procurement, management, and administration of consultant services funded with Federal-aid highway program funds. For technical assistance or questions regarding Federal requirements and consultant services programs, policies, and procedures within a particular State, please contact the appropriate Division Office contact:

Division Office Name Job Title E-mail Address Telephone Number
Alabama (AL) Lewis Harden Bridge Engineer Lewis.Harden@dot.gov (334)274-6363
Alaska (AK) John Huestis Northern Region Engineer John.Huestis@dot.gov (907)586-7464
Arizona (AZ) Tom Deitering Project Delivery Team Leader Thomas.Deitering@dot.gov (602)382-8971
Arkansas (AR) Amy Heflin Field Operations Engineer Team Leader Amy.Heflin@dot.gov (501)324-6435
California (CA) Scott McHenry Sr. Transportation Engineer Scott.McHenry@dot.gov (916)498-5854
Colorado (CO) Shaun Cutting Program Delivery Team Leader Shaun.Cutting@dot.gov (720)963-3033
Connecticut (CT) Timothy Snyder Design Specialist/Area Engineer Timothy.Snyder@dot.gov (860)494-7560
Delaware (DE) Lourdes Castaneda Sr. Area Engineer Lourdes.Castaneda@dot.gov (410)779-7142
District of Columbia (DC) Bob Mihalek Area & Structural Engineer Bob.Mihalek@dot.gov (202)219-3515
Florida (FL) Nahir DeTizio Transportation Engineer, District 7 Nahir.DeTizio@dot.gov (850)553-2237
Georgia (GA) Dana Robbins Technology Applications Team Leader Dana.Robbins@dot.gov (404)562-3642
Hawaii (HI) Pat Phung Lead Civil Engineer Pat.Phung@dot.gov (808)541-2305
Idaho (ID) Jason Giard Operations Engineer Jason.Giard@dot.gov (208)334-9180 Ext. 123
Illinois (IL) Dennis Bachman Transportation Engineer Dennis.Bachman@dot.gov (217)492-4283
Indiana (IN) Leslie Lahndt Transportation Engineer Leslie.Lahndt@dot.gov (317)226-7481
Iowa (IA) Joe Jurasic Construction/Transportation Engineer Joe.Jurasic@dot.gov (515)233-7304
Kansas (KS) John  Knowles Transportation Engineer John.Knowles@dot.gov (785)271-2448
Kentucky (KY) Michael Loyselle Transportation Engineer Michael.Loyselle@dot.gov (502)223-6748
Louisiana (LA) Carl Highsmith Project Delivery Team Leader Carl.Highsmith@dot.gov (225)757-7615
Maine (ME) Wayne Emington Transportation Engineer Wayne.Emington@dot.gov (207)512-4919
Maryland (MD) Lourdes Castaneda Sr. Area Engineer Lourdes.Castaneda@dot.gov (410)779-7142
Massachusetts (MA) John McVann Project Delivery Team Leader John.McVann@dot.gov (617)494-2521
Michigan (MI) Ruth Hepfer Area Engineer Ruth.Hepfer@dot.gov (517)702-1847
Minnesota (MN) Kevin Kliethermes Construction & Contract Administration Engineer Kevin.Kliethermes@dot.gov (651)291-6123
Mississippi (MS) Christy Poon-Atkins Field Operation Team Leader christy.poon-atkins@dot.gov (601)965-4222
Missouri (MO) Scott Bowles Program Implementation Team Leader Scott.Bowles@dot.gov (573)638-2610
Montana (MT) Lloyd Rue Program Development Engineer Lloyd.Rue@dot.gov (406)441-3906
Nebraska (NE) Nicholas Finch Technical Services Team Leader Nick.Finch@dot.gov (402)742-8477
Nevada (NV) Andrew Soderborg Transportation Engineer Andrew.Soderborg@dot.gov (775)687-5320
New Hampshire (NH) Brigitte Mandel Engineering & Operations Manager Brigitte.Mandel@dot.gov (603)410-4842
New Jersey (NJ) John Miller Engineering Team Leader John.H.Miller@dot.gov (609)637-4235
New Mexico (NM) Jolena Palau Field Operations Engineer (D3) Jolena.Palau@dot.gov (505)820-2039
New York (NY) Joseph Mondillo Area Engineer, Region 11 Joseph.Mondillo@dot.gov (518)431-8855
North Carolina (NC) Clarence Coleman Preconstruction and Environment Director Clarence.Coleman@dot.gov (919)747-7014
North Dakota (ND) Kevin Brodie Operations Engineer Kevin.Brodie@dot.gov (701)221-9467
Ohio (OH) Naureen Dar Transportation Engineer Naureen.Dar@dot.gov (614)280-6846
Oklahoma (OK) Cory Yeager Area Engineer Cory.Yeager@dot.gov (405)254-3338
Oregon (OR) Sandra Bacon Finance Manager Sandra.Bacon@dot.gov (503)587-4717
Pennsylvania (PA) Clint Beck Transportation Engineer Clint.Beck@dot.gov (717)221-3718
Puerto Rico (PR) Eddie Rivera Engineering Team Leader Eddie.Rivera@dot.gov (787)771-2511
Rhode Island (RI) Daniel Berman Assistant Division Administrator Daniel.Berman@dot.gov (401)528-4560
South Carolina (SC) Steve Ikerd Director of Engineering & Operations Stephen.Ikerd@dot.gov (803)253-3885
South Dakota (SD) Marc Hoelscher Quality/Operations Engineer Marc.Hoelscher@dot.gov (605)776-1008
Tennessee (TN) Brian Brasher Senior Area Engineer Brian.Brasher@dot.gov (615)781-5763
Texas (TX) Bindu Johnson Engineering Coordinator Bindu.Johnson@dot.gov (512)536-5974
Utah (UT) Russell Robertson Project Delivery Team Leader Russell.Robertson@dot.gov (801)955-3512
Vermont (VT) Mark Richter Construction, Maintenance, and Materials Engineer Mark.Richter@dot.gov (802)828-4576
Virginia (VA) Gilberto DeLeon Field Operations Team Leader Gilberto.DeLeon@dot.gov (804)775-3362
Washington (WA) Susan Ellis Construction/Performance & Innovation Manager Susan.Ellis@dot.gov (360)753-9412
West Virginia (WV) Yuvonne Smith Area Engineer - Design Yuvonne.Smith@dot.gov (304)347-7196
Wisconsin (WI) William Stark Transportation Specialist William.Stark@dot.gov (608)829-7516
Wyoming (WY) Lee Potter Project Development Engineer Lee.Potter@dot.gov (307)771-2946
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