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Federal-aid Program Administration

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FHWA FOS PS&E Checklist

updated 8/3/06

Area Engineer


Team Leader (last)

_______ initial

Technical Programs: Primary responsibility for structure and hydraulics review

_______ initial if assistance provided

Safety and Traffic Ops : Assist AE in reviewing signing/staging plans for compliance with MUTCD

_______ initial if assistance provided

Planning: Assist AE in filling out the planning section

_______ initial if assistance provided

ADA/DA (conditional authorizations or major projects only)

Project Information

Federal Aid Project Number:



Project Description:


Yes No NA

Does project description agree with authorization request?


What is the funding code(s)? ________________________________________

Is funding compatible to regulations & Federal Aid ratio correct?


Is the cost estimate acceptable?


Is this project valued at more than $ 100M as defined in the environmental document? If so, the ADA/DA must be advised prior to authorization.


If answer to question above is "Yes", has a financial plan been submitted and has it been determined to be adequate by HFO, HPP and HFA Team Leaders?


Is the project is an advanced construction project? If so, notify HFO and HPP team leaders.



If the Area Engineer needs assistance in completing this section, he/she should consult with the appropriate Planner

Yes No NA

Is project and construction phase of work in the existing STIP for current FY?


Is the project scope consistent with the S/TIP project scope/description?


Rural STIP No.________ OR TIP Area ___________ TIP No. _______

Programmed S/TIP Amount for Phase: _____________________

Amount of funds requested: _______________________

Is the authorization amount above the programmed STIP amount? If yes, the HPP and HFO TL must be notified.


If the project includes changes to Interstate Access, are these changes consistent with the IJS/IMS? Are all crossroad improvements let simultaneously or prior to the Interchange project so that we avoid new interchanges to nowhere.


Once project is authorized, did you update the STIP Tracking sheet at G:\USERS\SHARED FILES\TN Key Business Process STIP 06-08 tracking.xls?



Yes No NA

Has coordination with FEMA been accomplished?


If the project contains structures, has the Division Office Structural Engineer reviewed the plans and have their concerns been addressed?


Right of Way (ROW) and Utilities

Yes No NA

Has all of the ROW been obtained and cleared? ____If No, consult with ROW Specialist and HFO Team leader.

If yes, Date ROW Certificate Approved (attach copy)____________


If answer to above is "No," do special provisions contain:

  1. Restrictions to the contractor?
  2. An estimate as to when the ROW will be cleared?

Team Leader must be consulted if ROW is not clear.


Does the project require use of or adjustment to railroad facilities?

If yes, is there a signed agreement between the railroad/SHA, and does the proposal include liability insurance requirements?


Is the project located within two miles of an airport?

If yes, has FAA/FHWA coordination been completed? __________


Will utilities be affected by this project? If yes, have all utility agreements been signed and completed? Team Leader must be consulted if utilities are not clear.



Yes No NA

Is the project in a Non-attainment Area?

If yes, is a hot spot analysis needed? Is analysis included (in environmental document or with PS&E package) if needed?


Is an approved environmental document or clearance on file?

What type? ______________ Date of approval: ___________


Has an environmental re-evaluation been approved within a reasonable timeframe (about six months)?


Have measures been included in PS&E to ensure that environmental conditions and commitments are satisfied?


Is a 404 permit required? If yes,

  1. Are mitigation or enhancement requirements of permit incorporated into the PS&E? _______________
  2. Is the permit date valid? ________________

Is a US Coast Guard permit required? If so, is it valid?



Yes No NA

Have comments on Construction Field Review been adequately resolved? If the CFR was not attended by FHWA as per requirements of other office procedures, a full review of geometric design and operations is required, see Team Leader.


If necessary, has justification for Additional Access (Interstate) been approved by the HFO Team Leader?


Are there any Design Exceptions for the 13 controlling criteria? If so, have they been approved by HFO Team Leader?


If over $ 25 M, has a Value Engineering Study been performed?

If not, see HFO Team Leader.


Is the Pavement Design appropriate, i.e. is pavement type (HMA versus PCC) appropriate and does pavement design meet AASHTO criteria)?


Are the staging and traffic control plans workable and consistent with the MUTCD? (get assistance from HSO section)


Are signing and pavement markings consistent with MUTCD?

(get assistance from HSO section)


For split funds projects, are funding limits shown on plans?


Have major pay items been checked against construction plans to identify questionable items?


Have major pay items been crosschecked against summary of quantities, and engineer's estimate?


Do all safety appurtenances meet NCHRP 350 criteria and are they placed in accordance with the current "Roadside Design Guide"? (get assistance from HSO section)


Are ADA requirements met? In particular, check standards and plans for curb ramps, see AE responsible for ADA if you have questions.


Are there any unresolved items/issues? Explain.


Engineer's Estimate

Yes No NA

Does the estimate include a pay item for all work included in the plans?


Does the estimate appropriately represent the scope and requirements of the PS&E?


What is the estimate for CEI? _________% of construction cost

Is this reasonable (typically about 10 %)



Yes No NA

Does the proposal include Form FHWA-1273 Required contract provisions? (23 CFR 633)


Does the proposal include any Proprietary items? Check specially for:

Traffic Striping and Sign Sheeting and any other potential items


Does the proposal include an incentive/disincentive clause?

Has the incentive/disincentive been specifically calculated for this project? _________________________________

1. Have the calculations been previously submitted for our review and approval? _____________________________


Are there training requirements? If yes,

1. Are training special provisions included?


Are DBE special provisions included, including non-discrimination clause and EEO checksheet?


Does the proposal include all of the latest applicable standard special provisions that would apply?


Have you reviewed the determination of contract time, and is it satisfactory? (TDOT has agreed to involve FHWA on SP 108 B)

Contract time: _________________________

Completion Date: _______________________


What is # calendar days divided by cost of contract in millions? ____ Is this number less than 40? (if not, see HFO Team Leader)


What are the allowable working hours/hours for lane closures? ________________________

_________________________Are these acceptable and have adequate measures been taken to analyze delays?


Upon review of this PS&E,

I recommend authorizing the project:




Upon review of this PS&E,

I do not recommend authorizing the project:





Firas Ibrahim
Office of Program Administration
E-mail Firas

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Updated: 07/27/2011

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