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American Association of State Highway and Transportation (AASHTO) Rafiq Darji / Jeffrey Ger
Access Management Khoa Nguyen
Administration Ken Harvey
Air Quality: Conformity Shundreka Givan
Air Quality: Environmental Studies Buddy Cunill / Cathy Kendall
Alert Bulletin Reporting Stacie Blizzard / Karen Brunelle
Alternative Contracting Derek Fusco / Nahir DeTizio
Americans with Disabilities Act/Section 504 Carey Shepherd
Asphalt Pavement Rafiq Darji
Asset Management Marvin Williams (General), LeeAnn Jacobs (Planning), Rafiq Darji (Pavement), Jeffrey Ger (Structures)
Audit Management Kyle Pickett / Dysha Weems


Bicycle/Pedestrian Safety Mahmmud Yousef
Bicycle/Pedestrian Planning Shakira Crandol
Bid Practices (including anti-bid rigging) Chad Thompson / Mark Clasgens
Borders and Corridors (aka Coordinated Border Infrastructure Program Stacie Blizzard
Bridge Management System Jeffrey Ger
Briefing Reports Trinette Ballard / David Hawk
Brown Fields Program Coordinator Brian Telfair
Buy America Rafiq Darji / Nahir DeTizio


Coastal Zone Management Act/Coastal Barriers Cathy Kendall
Census Stacie Blizzard
Climate Change Shundreka Givan / Cathy Kendall
Combined Federal Campaign Jorge Rivera
Commercial Vehicles Stacie Blizzard
Community Impact Assessment (CIA) Shakira Crandol / Luis Lopez
Congestion Management Process Shakira Crandol
Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) Improvement Program Shundreka Givan
Construction (General) Rafiq Darji / Chad Thompson
Construction Work ZonesMahmmud Yousef
Consultant CEI Nahir DeTizio / Greg Hall
Consultant Contracts Nahir DeTizio
Context Sensitive Solutions Cathy Kendall / Shakira Crandol
Contract Administration Nahir DeTizio / Chad Thompson
Coordinated Border Infrastructure Program Stacie Blizzard
Corporate Management Strategies (CMS) Trinette Ballard


Design-Build Contracts Derek Fusco / Marvin Williams
Design Phillip Bello


EEO Program for: Carey Shepherd

Emergency Communications Karen Brunelle / Stacie Blizzard
Emergency Planning Officer David Hawk
Emergency Relief Program Chad Thompson / Mahmmud Yousef
Endangered Species (Section 7) Joe Sullivan
Environmental Policies and Procedures Buddy Cunill / Cathy Kendall
Environmental Streamlining Buddy Cunill / Cathy Kendall
Every Day Counts Khoa Nguyen / David Hawk
Experimental and Demonstration Projects Shakira Crandol


Federal Lands Coordination Shakira Crandol
Ferry Boat Program Shundreka Givan
Finance Ken Harvey / Doug Roberts
Financial Billing Reviews Doug Roberts / Cindy Owens
Fiscal Management Information System (FMIS) Authorization Belinda Heys / Doug Roberts
Fiscal Management Information System (FMIS) Access Doug Roberts / Ken Harvey
FIRE (Financial Integrity Review & Evaluation) Doug Roberts / Cindy Owens
Florida Transportation Plan Lee Ann Jacobs
Foreign Visitors David Hawk
Forest Highways/Indian Roads Joe Sullivan
Freedom-of-Information Act Officer Trinette Ballard / Carey Shepherd
Freight Greg Hall
Freight Planning Stacie Blizzard
Funds Transfers Kyle Pickett / Dysha Weems
Functional Classification Stacie Blizzard


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Planning Applications Lee Ann Jacobs
Geotechnical Engineering Jeffrey Ger
Going Greener Joe Sullivan


Hazardous Materials Brian Telfair
Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Lee Ann Jacobs
Highway Design Awards Program Phillip Bello
Highway Capacity Analysis Khoa Nguyen
Highway Statistics (Data Collection/Reporting) Stacie Blizzard
Highways For Life Pilot Program Jeffrey Ger / Rafiq Darji
HPMS (Highway Performance Monitoring System) Stacie Blizzard
Hydraulics and Hydrology Jeffrey Ger


Improper Payments Information Act of 2002 (IPIA) Doug Roberts / Kyle Pickett
Inactives Dysha Weems / Cindy Owens
Information Resources Management (IRM) Coordinator Ken Harvey
Innovative Bridge Research and Construction Program Jeffrey Ger
INPUT Trinette Ballard / Cindy Owens
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Khoa Nguyen
Intelligent Transportation Systems Planning Stacie Blizzard
Interstate Maintenance Discretionary Program Marvin Williams




Legislation (FDOT) David Hawk
Lighting (Highway) Khoa Nguyen
Linking Planning/NEPA Lee Ann Jacobs, Cathy Kendall, Joseph Sullivan
Livable Communities Program Coordinator (Smart Growth) Shakira Crandol / Luis Lopez
Local Agency Program Chad Thompson
Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) Shakira Crandol


Maintenance Program Coordinator Marvin L. Williams
Major Projects Andrew DeTizio / Marvin Williams
Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) Khoa Nguyen
Marine Navigation (Coast Guard) Jeffrey Ger
Marketing Communications Trinette Ballard
Materials Sampling and Testing Procedures Rafiq Darji
Motor Fuel Cindy Owens / Doug Roberts
MPO Planning Boundaries/Designations Stacie Blizzard


National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Shakira Crandol
National Corridor Infrastructure Improvement Program Stacie Blizzard
National Environment Policy Act (NEPA) Compliance Buddy Cunill / Cathy Kendall
National Highway Institute (external training) Ken Harvey
National Highway Systems/STRAHNET Stacie Blizzard
National Historic Preservation Act (Section 106) Joe Sullivan
National Recreational Trails Program Coordinator Brian Telfair
Native American Coordination Buddy Cunill
Noise Cathy Kendall


Operations (Planning) Stacie Blizzard
Outdoor Advertising Brian Telfair


Pavement Management System Rafiq Darji
Performance Management Khoa Nguyen / Trinette Ballard
Planning Lee Ann Jacobs
Public Affairs Trinette Ballard
Public Information Requests Trinette Ballard
Public Involvement Coordinator Shakira Crandol
Public Lands Discretionary (PLHD) and Forest Highways (FH) Stacie Blizzard
Public Private Partnerships Andrew DeTizio



Railroad Coordinator Khoa Nguyen
Rapid Approval and State Payment System (RASPS) Dysha Weems / Doug Roberts
Recovery Act Data System (RADS) Doug Roberts / Ken Harvey
Recycled Materials Rafiq Darji / Chad Thompson
Recruiting Marvin Williams / Carey Shepherd / Shakira Crandol / Jorge Rivera
Research and Development Shakira Crandol
Rest Areas Jorge Rivera
Right of Way Brian Telfair
Rural Planning Shundreka Givan


Safety Conscious Planning Lee Ann Jacobs
Safety Management System Khoa Nguyen
Scenic Byways Brian Telfair
Section 4(f) Buddy Cunill / Cathy Kendall
Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) Coordinator Rafiq Darji / Shakira Crandol
State Infrastructure Bank (SIB) Dysha Weems / Kyle Pickett
Signals/Traffic Management System Khoa Nguyen
Signing/Pavement Marking Khoa Nguyen
Size and Weight Stacie Blizzard
Socio-Cultural Effects (aka CIA) Shakira Crandol / Luis Lopez
Specifications Khoa Nguyen / Rafiq Darji
Standard Plans Phillip Bello
State Infrastructure Bank (SIB) Dysha Weems
State Planning and Research Shakira Crandol
Statewide Transportation Plan Lee Ann Jacobs
State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) and Assessment Lee Ann Jacobs
Stewardship Agreement David Hawk
Strategic Intermodal System (SIS) Lee Ann Jacobs


Technology and Innovation Funding Program (TIFP) Brian Telfair
Technology Transfer Shakira Crandol
TIGER Karen Brunelle / Nahir DeTizio
Title VI/Civil Rights Planning Stacie Blizzard
Toll Agreements Kris Milster
Traffic Data Collection Management System Stacie Blizzard
Transportation and Community Systems Preservation Pilot Program Shakira Crandol
Transportation Planning Capacity Building Lee Ann Jacobs
Training Officer (Internal) Ken Harvey / Caitlin Alcorn
Training Management System (TMS) Ken Harvey / Caitlin Alcorn
Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) Shundreka Givan
Transportation System Management & Operations Khoa Nguyen
Transportation System Management & Operations Planning Stacie Blizzard
Travel Analysis Forecasting Lee Ann Jacobs
Truck Pilot Parking Program Greg Hall / Chad Thompson


User Profile and Access Control System (UPACS) Ken Harvey
Utility Coordinator Brian Telfair


Value Engineering Coordinator Mark Clasgens
Value (Congestion) Pricing Andrew Detizio / Stacie Blizzard


Wage Compliance Officer Carey Shepherd
Water Quality Joe Sullivan
Weekly Reports Trinette Ballard
Weigh in motion Stacie Blizzard / Jorge Rivera
Weight Stations Jorge Rivera / Nahir DeTizio
Wetlands Joe Sullivan
Wildlife/Wildlife Vehicle Conflict Joe Sullivan




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