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Category 4: Byway Facilities

Category Description

Construction along a scenic byway of a facility for pedestrians and bicyclists, rest area, turnout, highway shoulder improvement, overlook, or interpretive facility.
[23 U.S.C. 162(c)(4)]

This category can cover a wide range of byway projects including visitor centers, scenic overlooks, landscape architecture and signage, restrooms, interpretive areas, and trail or bicycle plans and facilities. Projects must enhance the visitor's experience. Detailed aspects of construction work can be funded, including the development of environmental documents, planning, design, engineering, and the purchase of right-of-way, land, or property, as well as supervising, inspecting, actual building, and all costs incidental to the construction or reconstruction of the project or facility. Land acquired using byway funds should be owned or controlled by a government entity, Indian tribe, legally organized not-for-profit entity or part of a not-for-profit entity.

This category saw 209 awards from 2001 to 2006. Grant awards of $44.4 million leveraged total investments of $102 million for a per dollar leverage rate of $1.30.

Table 18 : Category Profile for Byway Facilities Grant Impacts
Year Number
of Projects
Project Costs
Grant Funding
Dollars Leveraged
Per Program Dollar
2001 31 $28,742,168 $10,816,152$1.66
2002 26 $13,410,038 $5,740,207$1.34
2003 38 $10,889,240 $6,041,612$0.80
2004 33 $14,880,541 $7,346,062$1.03
2005 34 $24,182,623 $7,318,746$2.30
2006 47 $10,041,955 $7,131,395$0.41
Total 209 $102,146,565 $44,394,174$1.30

Figure 16 : Profile of Byway Facilities Grant Impacts

Combination column/line chart showing the data from Table 18 on projects funded from 2001 through 2006 in the Byway facilities eligibility category. A line depicts the number of projects in each year, and pairs of columns depict the total grant amounts and total project costs.

Relevant Project: Yankton Sioux Interpretive Center, Native American Scenic Byway

In 2006-2007, the Native American Scenic Byway was awarded funding of $286,656 to rehabilitate a former Tribal Hall into an interpretive facility designed to educate travelers about the original inhabitants of the area and Native American history. The interpretive center will house a permanent collection of tribal artifacts. This project will benefit byway travelers by providing them a comfortable place to stop along the byway and learn more about the Yankton Sioux culture, both past and present.

Updated: 9/3/2013
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