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Integration of Information Example 1 - Good Example, Resource Protection Category

Work Plan:

Milestone/Task Start Date Duration Responsible Party Justification
Establish funding agreement with State AAD*      
Continue assisting the San Juan Skyway resource protection stakeholders with organizing and executing additional conservation and preservation projects and programs. AAD + 15 days* 160 days Ken Francis/ Fort Lewis College Office of Community Services Although substantial resource protection work has been accomplished along the San Juan Skyway, there is considerable work remaining to be done. This task will assist in establishing priorities; raising funds for preserving sites conserving key open lands; and providing tours for funders, decision makers and stakeholders.
Prepare title work for conservation easement AAD + 45 days* 2 days Montezuma Land Conservancy Standard real estate title research will be conducted to ensure the property does not have any encumbrances that may cloud the easement and/or delay the acquisition of the easement.
Prepare baseline documentation of conservation values for the easement. AAD + 60 days* 2 weeks Montezuma Land Conservancy The conservation values of the property will be documented and recorded as part of the land stewardship portion of the easement. These values will then be monitored by the Montezuma Land Conservancy after the easement has been secured to ensure the values of the easement are not being degraded.
Negotiate and draft deed of conservation easement. AAD + 80 days* 30 days Montezuma Land Conservancy The deed of conservation easement is a legal contract between the landowner and the land trust that defines the restricted and permitted uses which protect the conservation values of the byway property. This document must be carefully tailored to the individual property and landowner's vision for their land while ensuring that significant public benefit is protected.
Prepare environmental assessment AAD + 110 days* 5 days Montezuma Land Conservancy This document is required to ensure the property is free of hazardous materials.
Appraisal prepared for conservation easement AAD + 120 days* 1 month Montezuma Land Conservancy The property must be appraised to determine the fair market value to be paid for the conservation easement.
Legal review of documents. AAD + 130 days* 1 day Montezuma Land Conservancy All documents necessary to complete the acquisition of the conservation easement must be reviewed by a qualified attorney before the landowner (grantor) signs the easement document to convey the easement to the Montezuma Land Conservancy (grantee).
Conservation easement acquired and recorded in the Montezuma County Clerk and Recorders Office AAD + 145 days* 1 day Montezuma Land Conservancy The conservation easement must be acquired and the transaction recorded as a final step to insure the easement is a legal and binding agreement.

This is a good example because it:

  • Supports the statements made in the Narrative/Project Summary and is consistent with the information included in the Budget/Cost breakdown
  • Establishes the timeframe and clearly details the steps to be undertaken to secure the conservation easement
Updated: 9/3/2013
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