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Arrow Marketing Plan for Prefabricated Bridge Elements and Systems (PBES)

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Other Target Markets

Construction Contractors

As the focus group interviews with state bridge engineers noted, the relative comfort that contractors feel in using PBES will play a critical role in the technology's acceptance. Therefore, activities are needed to reduce the contractors' perception of higher risk with the use of PBES. Such activities may include evaluation in the project planning stage to ensure effective use of PBES, the development of standard design plans and specifications, the continued use of demonstration projects and workshops, training for both owners and contractors, and the use of contracting strategies that provide the contractor with a financial incentive to meet the owner's reduced onsite construction timelines.

Trade Associations

Trade associations have long played a key role in getting highway innovations adopted. Often, an association's research group can aid in the development or refinement of a technology. Likewise, their communications groups can be key informants to their thousands of members throughout the world. Civil Engineering magazine is an excellent example. The publication has long been recognized as a resource for obtaining details on new technologies and how they have been applied to specific projects. The publication has an international readership of professional engineers throughout a wide range of areas, including government agencies, research programs, consulting firms, and academia. Partnering with such trade associations provides an important ally to the team charged with Marketing Plan for Prefabricated Bridge Elements and Systems (PBES) 19 getting a new technology implemented. To the association itself, it provides an entrée to details of the technology, a valuable aid in serving its membership.

Other Groups

While other markets and audiences are important (e.g., local transportation agencies, MPOs, educators, researchers), most of them can be reached, either through secondary communication with the above noted markets, or through including them with the communications efforts to state DOTs.

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