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ArrowInnovations in Highway Construction: The Keys to Meeting the Challenge Before Us

Gary Hoffman, P.E.
Deputy Secretary for Highway Administration

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Collage showing a deteriorated roadway, deteriorated bridge, and a congested roadway


  • Deteriorated infrastructure
  • Growing demands and expectations
    • Highway user
      • Safety
      • Congestion
    • The Nation
      • Economic growth
  • Inadequate resources
    • Financial
    • Staff

Addressing the Challenge

Highway Industry "I can build it faster, But it will cost more and The quality may suffer"


Private Industry "Better, Faster and Lower Cost"

Examples: Computers and Automobiles

How can Highways get all 3?

We Can by Changing the Highway Construction Business Model

  • Leadership
  • Innovations
  • Success Stories


  • The "critical" ingredient
  • Highway Agencies and Industry
  • Top down commitment
  • Set the direction, raise expectations
  • Energize and mobilize staff
  • Follow through


Technologies, Processes and Practices

"Taking advantage of innovations that are already out there is the key" DOT Secretary Norm Mineta, 4-15-04

Norman Mineta

AASHTO Technology Implementation Group

Vision A culture where rapid advancement and implementation of high payoff, innovative technologies is the expectation of the transportation community.

Mission Champion the implementation of technology among AASHTO member agencies, local agencies, and their industry partners to improve the nation's transportation system.

AASHTO TIG Focus Technologies

  • Prefabricated Bridge Elements & Systems
  • ITS Technologies in Work Zones
  • Accelerated Construction
  • Global Positioning System
  • Air Void Analyzer
  • Thermal Imaging for Commercial Vehicle Brakes
  • FRP Repair for Overhead Sign Structures
  • Road Safety Audits
  • Cable Median Barriers
  • Weigh In Motion/Virtual Weigh Stations

Success Stories

  • Proof it can be done
  • Document the benefits
  • Build and sustain the momentum
  • Examples
    • HYPERFIX I-65&70, Indiana
    • Mitchell Gulch Bridge, Colorado
    • Our next three speakers

Safer, Faster, Better, Less Costly

  • Raise everyone's expectations.
  • Put the motorist first.
  • Reach out for innovation.
  • Strive for excellence.
  • The impossible is possible, but first you must believe.
  • Lead!

Paving operation

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Scott Wolf
Center for Accelerating Innovation

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Updated: 04/04/2011

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