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Arrow 3-D Design Modeling: Improved Method for Project Plans - Webinar

Yields Improved Projects, Improved Quality

July 21, 2011
2:30 – 4:00 PM

This webinar is being presented to encourage those who are or who may be considering using 3-D Design. Hear a panel comprised of 3-D Design vendors and State DOT users discuss the capabilities, advantages, and benefits of 3-D Design; steps to transitioning from 2-D design to 3-D design modeling; the importance of design standards; and overcoming implementation obstacles, plus a Q & A session with the panel.

This session features a panel discussion of the merits of 3-D Design technology. It will offer information on the following:

  • Software capabilities, advantages, and benefits
  • Suggested steps to transitioning to 3-D Design
  • Overcoming implementation obstacles
  • How and where to begin transition
  • 3-D Design standards and their importance to achieving quality projects
  • Owner/Designer responsibility and accountability for 3-D Design data
  • Making 3-D Design data available to bidders/ proposers while minimizing the risk of contract claims and disputes
  • Q & A period between panel members and session participants



Scott Wolf
Center for Accelerating Innovation

Updated: 05/20/2011

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