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Arrow To Accelerate Bridge Construction or not? A Planning Phase Decision Tool for ABC - Webinar

May 19, 2011
2:30 – 4:00 PM

Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) is recognized as an important method for bridge owners to accelerate the delivery of highway bridge projects. ABC uses both new technology and innovative project management techniques to reduce the impacts of bridge construction projects on the public and to reduce total project costs. In early stages of a construction project, engineers need to assess whether elements of ABC are achievable and effective for a specific bridge location. Use of decision-making tools in early stages of planning can help decision makers implement effective solutions. Existing cost analysis tools in the public domain arena are found to be lacking. Available project cost data are inconsistent and insufficient and not well documented. This makes ABC project decision making somewhat difficult when reliable cost data are not readily available in the early stages of planning a project. There is now a tool available to assist bridge owners with their decision using either qualitative or quantitative data.

This webinar will present a set of decision making tools that were developed in FHWA-sponsored pool funded study TPF 5(221). This tool set was prepared for transportation specialists and decision-makers to determine if ABC should be the preferred method of construction rather than conventional construction for a given bridge replacement or rehabilitation project. The tool set is user-friendly, accommodates a range of construction situations, transparent as to the method of calculation and decision criteria, and customizable to maintain owner's relevance. These elements are important considerations as project decision making is influenced by stakeholders from diverse (sometimes opposing) disciplinary perspectives. The analysis tool utilizes the tiered level criteria as established by the technical advisory team and allows an end user to define the qualitative or quantitative value between any two main and/or sub-criteria.


  • Benjamin Tang, P.E. Bridge Preservation Manager, ODOT
  • Dr. Toni Doolen, PI, Associate Professor, Oregon State University, Mechanical, Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering Department

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Scott Wolf
Center for Accelerating Innovation

Updated: 04/20/2011

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