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Composite Bridge Decking

The Super-Slab® system uses interlocking load-transfer steel dowels cast at one end of each slab matching the locations of slots cast in the bottom of adjacent slabs.

(BridgeComposites, LLC) State DOT's have expressed a need for corrosion-resistant, light-weight bridge decking for rapid installation on moveable bridges. Over the past several years, the New York State DOT developed a bridge deck that would be well-suited for such an application. It is made primarily of fiber reinforced polymer composite materials that use confined cementitious grout to produce a structurally efficient section. Lab tests have shown that the hybrid deck can meet AASHTO loading requirements, be detailed for easy and rapid installation, and endure the repeated loadings required for a long service life. As a first step, this project will demonstrate that the section can be produced economically through alternative methods of composite production such as pultrusion, vacuum assisted resin transfer molding (VARTM), or off-shore subcomponent manufacture. Detailed manufacturing specifications and shop drawings will be produced and made available to others to encourage broad acceptance in the engineering community. Award amount of $460,305 includes a field installation on an existing fixed-span bridge. It is anticipated that successful completion of this project will lead to future installation on a moveable span bridge.





Jerome O'Connor, PE
BridgeComposites, LLC
Tel: (607) 725-0442

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Updated: 12/17/2015


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