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TRB Annual Meeting January 24, 2007

Presented by: Louisa Ward, FHWA RSA Program Manager

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Slide 1. There are four photos that make up the frame of all the slides in this presentation. The first is a photo of a group of people. The second is a photo of two technicians installing signage at a cross-walk. The third is a photo of a strip of road. The fourth is a photo of a highway patrolman in a discussion with a group of people. The fifth is a photo of several highway engineers viewing an intersection.

Presentation Overview

  • Overview of RSA Marketing Plan
  • RSA Outreach Activities
  • Website Materials
  • Recent State Highlights/Successes
  • Upcoming Activities
Slide 2

RSA Marketing Plan Overview

  • Executive Summary/Introduction
  • Corporate Philosophy
  • RSA Mission & Goals
  • Product Analysis & Benefits/Costs
  • Situation Analysis, Trends, Demographics
  • Challenges
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Financials & Controls
  • Implementation and Organization
Slide 3

Ongoing RSA Outreach Activities

Identified in RSA Marketing Plan:

  • RSA Implementation Team
  • RSA Video
  • RSA Identity Package (logo, colors)
  • RSA Presentations
  • Free Training
  • Articles, News Items & Reprints
    • Roads and Bridges, APWA, Public Roads, Focus, and Safety Compass
Slide 4

Ongoing RSA Outreach Activities (cont'd)

  • RSA Peer-to-Peer Brochure & Business Cards
  • Customizing materials for customers (Arizona specific brochure)
  • Co-sponsoring conferences/provide speakers/training
    • (Mid-Atlantic Rural Roads Forum, APWA, AASHTO RSA Peer Exchange, Low Volume Roads, ITE, Urban Streets)
  • RSA Website Updates
Slide 5

RSA Website Materials (

Multiple new materials posted:

  • RSA Guidelines, Prompt Lists
  • RSA Peer-to-Peer Brochure
  • Recent Articles
  • Legal Information
  • Benefits Information
  • Training Information
  • New Link from Safety Home Page
Slide 6

Recent State Highlights

  • Arizona:
    • Hired an RSA Manager
    • Statewide RSA program through Governor's Traffic Safety Advisory Council RSA Subcommittee
    • Collaboration with Tribal Governments (Navajo, Tohono O'odham)
    • Phoenix pedestrian RSA program
  • FDOT District 7, Florida:
    • 2-year, $300K HSP-funded contract to select nearly 20 potential RSA tasks
    • Several Tampa RSAs
Slide 7

Recent State Highlights (cont'd)

  • Collier County, Florida:
    • Held RSA of design road
    • Innovative collaboration: County departments suggested potential existing or planned roadways for RSAs
  • Idaho: RSAs in Boise
  • New Hampshire:
    • NH LTAP hosted the RSA for Locals course
    • Three towns have volunteered for RSAs: Atkinson, Franklin, and Tamworth
Slide 8

Recent State Highlights (cont'd)

  • New Mexico:
    • RSAs and RSA training conducted on DOT/Tribal lands
  • Pennsylvania:
    • RSA of six-mile stretch of the State Route 220 corridor
  • Tennessee:
    • TNDOT conducting an RSA every two weeks
  • Utah:
    • UT LTAP conducted RSA for Locals in Sandy City
Slide 9

Recent State Highlights (cont'd)

  • Virginia:
    • Tied $40M to the RSA Program > Require an RSA to access funds for a project
    • Trained over 100 people in RSAs
    • RSAs at several intersections along Route 1
  • Wyoming:
    • Division partnered with LTAP to host three one-day RSA training courses
    • Rural RSAs on existing roads
Slide 10

Road Safety Audits: 2004

Map of United States by State which shows the safety audits for 2004. White is no RSA action (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Arizona, New Mexico, North Dakota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Tennessee, Alabama, Ohio, Maryland, Virginia, and New Hampshire), light gray is an RSA presentation (Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Texas, Minnesota, Missouri, Michigan, Indiana, Mississippi, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida), gray for scheduling a training (Kentucky, Vermont, New Jersey, Maine Maryland and Delaware), darker gray for hosting (Kansas, Iowa, South Carolina, New York and Pennsylvania), darkest gray for piloting or occasional RSAs, and black for an RSA program.

Slide 11

Road Safety Audits: January 2007

Map of United States by State which shows the safety audits for January, 2007. White is no RSA action (Washington, California, Alaska, North Dakota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Connecticut), light gray is an RSA presentation (Oregon, Nevada, Montana, Texas, Missouri, Louisiana, Alabama, Ohio, West Virginia, North Carolina, and New Hampshire), gray for scheduling a training (Idaho, Wyoming, New Mexico, South Dakota, Illinois, Florida, Georgia and Massachusetts), darker gray for hosting (Utah, Colorado, Michigan, Mississippi, Kentucky, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Vermont and Maine), darkest gray for piloting or occasional RSAs, and black for an RSA program (Arizona, Kansas, Iowa, Indiana, Tennessee, New York and South Carolina).

Slide 12

Upcoming RSA Activities

  • RSA National and Regional Conferences (AASHTO RSA TIG)
  • RSA Case Studies and RSA Tribal Case Studies
  • RSA Brochures (update & additional)
  • Database of all RSA trainees
  • RSA Exhibit
  • RSA Talking Points
  • RSA Video - Results Focus
  • Marketing Plan Evaluation
Slide 13

For More Information

Please visit

Louisa Ward, FHWA

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More Information



Scott Wolf
Center for Accelerating Innovation

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