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Highways for LIFE

Arrow Minnesota Demonstration Project: Reconstruction of Trunk Highway 36 in North St. Paul


Showcase Agenda: November 1, 2007

9:00 a.m.  Registration

Welcome and Opening Remarks

  • Tom Sorel, Minnesota Division Administrator, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
  • Tim Worke, Cochair, Transportation Engineering and Road Research Alliance (TERRA)
  • Khani Sahebjam, Metro District Engineer, Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT)

Trunk Highway 36 Project Overview

  • Highways for LIFE: Tom Sorel, FHWA
  • Project Details: Steve Adamsky, Mn/DOT

  Project Innovations
Road Closure

  • Steve Adamsky, Mn/DOT

Intelligent Compaction

  • Glenn Engstrom, Mn/DOT

City Perspective

  • Dave Kotilinek, City of North St. Paul
11:30 Lunch
12:15 p.m.

Accelerated Construction Panel Discussion

  • Rick Arnebeck, TERRA Board Member, Mn/DOT


  • Chris Roy, Mn/DOT
  • Phil Forst, Minnesota Division, FHWA (invited)
  • Larry Butts, Progressive Contractors, Inc.
1:15   Break

Communications, Outreach, and Market Research Panel Discussion

  • Terrence Beltz, Minnesota Division, FHWA


  • Kent Barnard, Metro Public Affairs Coordinator, Mn/DOT
  • Kathleen Bergeron, Highways for LIFE, FHWA
2:30  Closing Comments and Optional Tour of Project Site

North Saint Paul Community Center
Thursday, November 1, 2007


Number of Registrants: 97
Number of Evaluations Received: 25

Arrangements Average Score (out of 4.00)
Convenience of the registration process 4.00
Location of the Community Center 3.46
Facilities were comfortable and appropriate for the event 2.29
Food served was satisfying 3.77
Participant materials were helpful and useful 3.45

Comments on the arrangements of the event:

  • Should have had a laser pointer for speakers!
  • Remote/wireless mouse needed so speaker can control slide show!
  • Smooth-seamless registration
  • Good location/facility
  • Well done
  • Lunch—good caterer
  • Cold
  • Need directions around construction since people unfamiliar with area do not know what is open/closed
  • Couldn’t find the Community Center—had to ask a gas station attendant
  • Freezing
  • Too cool
  • Better directions for exit
  • Loud doors were a problem
  • Also door behind podium was open and a distraction
  • Room was OK—different location might have been good
  • Lunch was very good and generous
  • Why was the program taped? It was distracting.
  • Cold in the Community Center
  • Chairs were pretty uncomfortable
  • Several other people mentioned to me that they were cold too!
  • Maybe we could have had one break before lunch—it was a little too long to have to sit (9:30-11:30)
  • Also had to find the community center
  • Room was very cold
  • Cart holding data projector was way too tall. It created site blocks from several angles.
  • This was very well planned and carried out
  • Would have liked handouts for all slides

Please evaluate how informative and interesting the sessions were to you by placing a check in the box that best describes your opinion.

Sessions Average Score (out of 4.00)
Welcome and Opening Remarks 3.50
Trunk Highway 36 Project Overview 3.76
Project Innovations 3.60
Accelerated Construction Panel Discussion 3.50
Communications, Outreach, and Market Research Panel Discussion 3.61

Comments on the sessions of the Open House:

  • Good information by the right people
  • The room was a little chilly
  • Very well put together
  • Intelligent compaction was very useful
  • The communications, outreach, and market research panel discussion was the best thing by far
  • Speaker could have used laser pointer to highlight things
  • Slides were useful as well as handouts.
  • Glenn Engstrom was informative but I was left with some major questions
  • I wish there had been a little more on Intelligent Compaction
  • Kathleen Bergeron was really good
  • Information was very useful. Thanks
  • Make text on nametags bigger so us old folks can read them from a reasonable distance. Thanks
  • Very enjoyable

Do you have suggestions for topics you would like to see offered at future TERRA Innovation Series events?               

  • Like when ‘based’ around a successful project so know how specifically worked (and not just theories)
  • How much does transportation cost? The public needs to get a better handle on this.
  • I travel 94 from W to E every day. The traffic gets worse and worse each year. Any suggestions for traffic alleviation? Any improvements to Lowry tunnel? What can be done in Twin Cities area to handle all of the increased traffic? Light rail between Minneapolis and St. Paul?

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Center for Accelerating Innovation

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