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Vanguard Technology

The Vanguard Technology initiative is designed to greatly accelerate the widespread adoption of high-payoff innovations to benefit road users. In the past, it could take decades for innovations to become mainstream.

The Vanguard Technology process uses dedicated teams, proven marketing approaches and designated funding to deploy innovations much faster. For each innovation, technical and marketing experts identify needs, set implementation goals, develop a strategy and work to accelerate adoption across the country

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Innovation Webinar Series

As part of the Highways for LIFE (HfL) effort to get more people using innovations, in cooperation with the National Highway Institute, HfL initiated a series of monthly web conferences. Each 90-minute web conference focuses on a different innovation and includes a panel of speakers from throughout the highway community who are recognized experts in the particular innovation. We bring together users of these innovations to share their experiences and the lessons they learned and then answer questions from the participants.

Upcoming webinars through October 2013

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Training in Technology Deployment

Want to learn more about how to go about successfully deploying an innovation? Highways for LIFE, working with the National Highway Institute, has developed a training course designed to provide you with the necessary tools get that new technology out there and in use. Called, "Leap not Creep, Accelerating Innovation Implementation," the course uses both in-class and web-based training. For more details, see

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Updated: 06/11/2013

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