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Indiana Partnership for Transportation Quality Achievement Awards

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Promoting Partnerships to Improve Highway Quality

The Indiana Partnership for Transportation Quality, a partnership of fourteen Indiana agencies, industry associations and academia is dedicated to continuous quality improvement in the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of Indiana's highways. This Quality Awards program was created to recognize Indiana projects, both large and small, which exemplify outstanding quality, teamwork, innovation, safety and customer focus. The winners of the Quality Awards will be selected from among nominations submitted by state, city, contractors, designers and county contracting authorities. Winners will be recognized annually at Purdue Road School.

For further information or if you need help with the photography for your project please call Laura Britton at the Federal Highway Administration, Indiana Division: (317) 226-5323 or e-mail: laura.britton@dot.gov

This package contains information to use in submitting entries for the Indiana Partnership for Transportation Quality Awards.

Applications Must Be Received by January 4, 2016

Indiana Partnership for Transportation Quality

Download the Awards Application in Word format.

IPTQ Quality Award

Promoting Partnerships to Improve Highway Quality


The Indiana Partnership for Transportation Quality is a cooperative effort by Indiana's highway industry dedicated to the continuous quality improvement in the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of Indiana's transportation system. Indiana's highway network is an essential element of our transportation infrastructure and its quality is critical to the economic growth of the state.

In recognition of Indiana being the Crossroads of America, The mission of the IPTQ is to provide the Indiana highway industry a forum that fosters coordinated and continuous quality improvement and technological advancement in order to ensure safe, efficient, cost effective and environmentally sensitive transportation solutions that meet the needs of all stakeholders.

The activities of the IPTQ are coordinated by a steering committee made up of representatives from the following organizations:

The IPTQ Steering Committee is committed to fostering partnerships among its members in the joint pursuit of quality.

To demonstrate and publicize its commitment to excellence, the IPTQ Steering Committee has inaugurated an awards program to recognize projects with outstanding achievements in quality design and construction. The awards will be given annually at Purdue Road School to project teams that clearly demonstrated dedication to quality processes, innovative practices, teamwork, customer focus and safety.

Project Eligibility

To be eligible for the award, a project must be a highway, street, road, bridge or an infrastructure enhancement project and must be the result of a single construction contract. Contract joint ventures are eligible. Multi-project «corridor improvements» are ineligible for the awards.

The project must have been substantially completed and opened to unrestricted traffic / use during calendar year 2015 and located in Indiana.

Category and Nomination Process

Any owner, designer, or contractor can nominate one or more projects in each category that best reflects the values and criteria of quality characteristics being promoted by the IPTQ.

Projects can be nominated in the following categories:

(See Award Categories for project descriptions)

Nominations for the IPTQ Quality Awards must address the specific award criteria outlined in this announcement and must be received by January 4, 2016.

Evaluation Criteria

The IPTQ Steering Committee will use six weighted criteria (totaling 1000 points) to evaluate the submitted nominations. The application package must include a clear explanation of how the project achieved each of these criteria. For more detailed information see Criteria Characteristics provided later in this document.

Quality Process and Results (300 points)
The specific measurement, process management and quality assurance methods that were used to ensure the delivery of a quality product, and demonstration of effective schedule management.

Customer Focus (200 points)
The degree to which customers/users benefited from the project; the project team's involvement and interaction with the surrounding community.

Teamwork (100 points)
The effective partnership and cooperation among all those involved in the development, design and execution of the project.

Innovation and Value (150 points)
The use of new approaches to highway design and construction - including but not limited to the areas of materials, technology, management, and human resources - and how such approaches added value to the project.

Long Term Improvement (100 points)
Lessons learned can be applied to future projects. Innovations become standards.

Safety (150 points) Completed Nomination Form, including the mailing addresses of the owner, designer, and contractor
The effective use of traffic management to assure safety of workers and traveling public during construction. Long-term safety improvement as result of project.

Application Package

Each entry must include the following:

In addition, the entry should include at least three photographs that provide a good project overview or representative scene from the completed project. Some of these photos will be used on publicity of the awards. Please email a photograph to Laura Britton at laura.britton@dot.gov.

NOTE: Four (4) copies of the application package, properly collated and separated, must be submitted.

Evaluation Panel

All accepted nominations for this year’s awards will be evaluated by the IPTQ Steering Committee Representatives. Winners will be determined by assessment of project strengths for each of the criteria characteristics, calculating an average project score for all nominations. Project site visits may be conducted at the discretion of the committee.


The application package must be received at the following address by January 4, 2016.

Indiana Partnership for Transportation Quality
Quality Awards Program
c/o FHWA – Indiana Division
575 N. Pennsylvania Street
Room 254
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Award Categories

Nominations will be received and considered for projects in the following categories:

Major New / Reconstruction Examples: Major New
Projects, Major Existing Reconstruction, New Capacity, Road Widening, Lane Additions, etc. (Significant utility work required, complex projects).
Note: Multi-project “corridor improvements” are ineligible for the awards.

Pavement Examples:
Asphalt or Concrete, Resurface or Reconstruct, with / without Turn Lanes, Curbs and Intersection work. (Generally light utility work required, no added capacity)

Bridge Projects:
New and Rehabilitated, over 20 feet. Special Project Examples: Transportation Enhancements; Culverts, Noise Walls, Wetland Replacements; Safety Improvements; Work Zones, Facilities, etc.

All projects outside the urban or urbanized area definition.

Projects within Indiana, and within the Urbanized Boundary for these cities: Anderson, Bloomington, (Chicago), (Cincinnati), Columbus, Elkhart, Evansville, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Kokomo, Lafayette, (Louisville), Michigan City, Muncie, South Bend, and Terre Haute.

To determine the Urbanized Boundary visit this site and select the desired city. http://www.census.gov/geo/www/maps/ua2kmaps.htm

Awards Presentation

The IPTQ Steering Committee will announce the winning projects in late February 2016. Awards will be presented during the Opening "General Session" at the 2016 Road School held at Purdue University. All winning projects will be recognized during the Awards Ceremony held during the session.

Criteria Characteristics

Key: Characteristic (Possible Points)

  1. Quality (300 Points)
    1. Evidence of a quality control/quality assurance process and satisfactory test results. (120)
    2. Documentation of final product quality measures. (60)
    3. Document adherence to schedule. (60)
    4. Achievement of results beyond the minimum specifications that enhance quality (ride, time, longevity). (60)
  2. Customer Focus (200 Points)

    1. Demonstrated public support for the project during and after construction. (67)
    2. Involvement of customers early in the planning process and throughout the project’s life. (67)
      • Identification and response to specific customer needs/requirements
      • Proactive approach to soliciting customer participation in the project
      • Proactive approach to keeping the public informed of the progress.
    3. Minimized the impact of construction to the public and neighbors. (66)
  3. Teamwork (100 points)

    1. Evidence of involvement of the key players throughout the project.
      • Demonstration that teamwork and partnership were clear objectives of the project. (Include evidence of any formal partnering agreement) (50)
      • Describe benefits of this teamwork. (50)
  4. Innovation and Value (150 points)

    1. Evidence of value engineering. (50)
    2. Description of innovations used in design, bidding, or construction of project. (50)
    3. Demonstrated value of these approaches; explanation of benefits that were realized. (50)
  5. Long-Term Improvement (100 points)

    1. Demonstration that those involved in the project have learned from this project and can apply lessons learned to future projects. (50)
    2. Ideally, would see that innovations realized in the project have become standards for future projects. (50)
  6. Safety (150 Points)

    1. Documentation on the effectiveness of work zone safety efforts and the traffic control plan. (50)
    2. Document safety for workers. (50)
    3. Show how the improvement enhances safety for persons using the facility. (50)

Total points = 1,000

IPTQ Application Tips

IPTQ Award Nomination Form

Download Word Version (54 kb)

Date Application Package Submitted for Consideration: _____

Project Location (city / county / INDOT district): _____

Project Location Description: _____

Project Name*: _____

Contract Number: _____

Nomination Category: _____

Total Project Cost: _____

Team Members (Please identify the Owner of the project, the Contractor and Designer below)

Owner: _____

Mailing Address: _____

Contact Name: _____

Tel No. (   ) - _____    

E-mail: _____

Contractor: _____

Mailing Address: _____

Contact Name: _____

Tel No. (   ) - _____    

E-mail: _____

Designer: _____

Mailing Address: _____

Contact Name: _____

Tel No. (   ) - _____    

E-mail: _____

Project Start Date: _____

Substantial Completion Date (must be no later than December 31, 2015): _____

Brief Project Description: _____

*This name will be used in promotional materials for the award.

For additional information contact Laura Britton at the Federal Highway Administration, Indiana Division: (317) 226-5323 or e-mail: laura.britton@dot.gov

Mail completed nomination form, along with narrative and appendices (see page 3) to:

Indiana Partnership for Transportation Quality
Quality Awards Program
c/o FHWA - Indiana Division
575 N. Pennsylvania Street, Room 254
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Packets must be received by January 4, 2016

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