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Data Integration

Transportation Asset Management Case Studies
The Arizona Experience

What's Next?

ADOT began work on its data warehouse in 2001. To date, the following data sources have been integrated into the system:

  • Photo log available at the district offices
  • Pavement and bridge data
  • Project expenditures
  • As-built engineering drawings, in PDF format
  • Priority programming and Highway Performance Monitoring System data
  • Safety/accident data

Additional data sets will be prioritized and brought in one at a time over the next several years. Currently, ADOT is developing a GIS user interface and adding construction data to the AIDW.

ADOT also plans to develop metadata and a data dictionary. This process will include documenting the following items:

  • Data policies and standards
  • Data characteristics (e.g., intended use, computational methods, required transformations, etc.)
  • Data sources and owners
  • Data collection, validation, and management processes
  • Routines for extracting data from management systems and databases and loading them into the AIDW
  • Example queries and use cases
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Updated: 10/23/2013