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Data Integration

Transportation Asset Management Case Studies
The Colorado Experience

Closing Thoughts

Since the late 1990s, CDOT has been constantly improving its data management practices to support better investment decisionmaking through Asset Management. At times changes have come quickly, while at other times they have been slow, but the department has always had a consistent goal in mind-to ensure efficient resource allocation. CDOT is constantly nurturing and reevaluating its business processes and information management tools to ensure this goal is met. In their words, "We are never really done."

Further Information

Asset Management
Scott Young
Investment Analysis Manager
Division of Transportation Development
Colorado Department of Transportation

Jennifer Finch
Director, Division of Transportation Development
Colorado Department of Transportation

Information Technology
Douglas Lang
Chief Information Officer
Office of Information Technology
Colorado Department of Transportation


Castlewood Canyon Bridge on SR 83 south of Franktown

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Photographs courtesy of Colorado Department of Transportation; Gregg Gargan, staff photographer

Front cover: Hanging Lake Tunnel on I-70 at Glenwood Canyon

Inside cover: Parmalee Gulch entrance onto US 285

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