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Infrastructure Research and Technology Stakeholder Workshop Summary Report: Workshop Proceedings



To better meet the highway infrastructure challenges of the 21st century, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is refocusing and revitalizing its Infrastructure Research & Technology (R&T) Program to raise the bar on research, technology, and deployment activities. The overall goals of the program are to enhance mobility and productivity, extend the life of pavements and bridges, and improve safety and performance. The program also features increased emphasis on stakeholder involvement and partnerships to further enhance the effectiveness of the FHWA R&T Program. To share its Infrastructure R&T Vision with stakeholders and to build stakeholder commitment to achieving infrastructure innovations, FHWA held an Infrastructure R&T Stakeholder Workshop in Chicago, Illinois, on October 31 and November 1, 2002. More than 60 representatives from highway agencies, associations and industry, and academia participated in the event. This report documents the Stakeholder Workshop discussions and recommendations. The comments and recommendations will be used by FHWA to revise and sharpen the Infrastructure R&T vision and to further define future stakeholder involvement.

This report will be of interest to highway managers; engineers involved in design, construction, and operations; and researchers. The report is being distributed to the workshop participants, as well as to the broader highway community.

  T. Paul Teng, P.E.
Office of Infrastructure
Research and Development


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Updated: 10/18/2013