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The Materials Group provides several training courses in construction materials. The courses are designed to supplement the participants education and experience. A brief description is provided for each course. For more information contact either your FHWA Division Office or the State Department of Transportation.

Asphalt Paving Materials. This course is designed to provide in-depth coverage of asphalt mix design and asphalt pavement construction. Topics to be covered include ingredient materials, asphalt mix design methods, plant operations, laydown, compaction and performance. Specialized topics such as pavement recycling, asphalt additives, OGAFC, etc..., will also be included. (36 hours)

Portland Cement Concrete Materials. This course is designed as an introduction or refresher course for inspectors and engineers who are or will be working in Portland cement concrete construction. The topics covered include ingredient materials, mix design, batching, mixing, placement, consolidation and concrete testing. (12 hours)

Hot-Mix Bituminous Paving. This course is designed to provide a review of the hot-mix bituminous paving process covering materials selection, Superpave mix design, plant operations, mix placement, mix compaction, quality assurance and pavement performance/distress analysis. (12 hours)

Materials Course for Field Engineers. The course is designed to supplement engineers education and experience with materials engineering in highway construction. Emphasis will be placed on basic sampling and testing, mix design procedures and associated problems. (36 hours)

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