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Stewardship/Oversight Task Force Report Memo

This document was superseded by Stewardship and Oversight Agreement Implementation Guidance on 12/09/2013.

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INFORMATION: Stewardship/Oversight Task Force Report


May 4, 2001


King W. Gee /S/Original Signed by
Program Manager, Infrastructure

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CBU Program Managers
SBU Directors
Directors of Field Services
Resource Center Managers
Division Administrators
Federal Lands Highway Division Engineers

Attached is a copy of the final report. In accordance with discussions with the Standing Committee on Highways, (SCOH) I will participate in the final presentation of the Task Force report and recommendations at the SCOH May Business Meeting. Subsequent to that presentation, our agency will begin the process to issue the proposed policy.

I would like to thank the members of the Task Force and the Division Office staff that provided input in the numerous reviews. It was through the combination of these efforts that the task was accomplished.

Please review the report, and its recommendations. While the report allows discretion in how to accomplish the risk assessment process, it is the intent that this process is used as annual work plans are developed in the future, including the FY 2002 annual plans. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ms. Carol Jacoby, at 202-366-1561.



Firas Ibrahim
Office of Program Administration
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