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Current Practices in Public-Private Partnerships for Highway Projects Project DeliveryP3Tolling and Pricing
States throughout the country face serious gaps between the level of highway services demanded by citizens and businesses and the funding available to finance, construct, operate and maintain the highway system. The needed improvements would provide substantial economic benefits to the traveling public - both to citizens of the sponsoring states and to the residents and businesses traveling through these states to other destination.

The State of Maryland is exploring the potential to expand the use of public-private partnerships (P3) to deliver highway projects. Maryland has enjoyed success using the "design-build" model of P3 in several highway projects. That model would be expanded to larger projects and could encompass a broader range of project activities including the financing, planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of highways.

Issued in July 2005, this report reviews transportation P3 initiatives throughout the US in order to gain a broad understanding of the challenges and obstacles associated with such programs. The information used in the review came from two concurrent research efforts conducted by staff from the Maryland Transportation Authority, Maryland DOT State Highway Administration, FHWA, and KCI Technologies (the Maryland P3 Team) in 2004.

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