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Worksheet for Review of Fund Transfers
Transfer of Federal-Aid Highway and Highway Safety funds

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  Fiscal Year Funds Appropriation Code Original Apportionment Previous Date Transfer Amount Unobligated Balance To Be Transferred Percent of Original Apportionment








  1. Enter the fiscal year of the apportionment involved. Transfers are permissable only between funds apportioned for the same fiscal year - - i.e., transfers between FY 1990 rural primary and FY 1990 rural secondary are permitted, but transfers between FY 1990 and FY 1991 are not. However, unobligated balances of funds apportioned prior to Oct. 1, 1991, may be transmitted to certain ISTEA categories.
  2. Enter name of funds involved.
  3. Enter appropriation codes of funds involved.
  4. Enter original apportionment - - the amount shown on the supplementary tables for the fiscal year, exclusive of HPR.
  5. Enter any previous transfers involving the fiscal year fund for which the current request applies.
  6. Enter the unobligated balance of the fiscal year apportionment or apportionment segment from which funds are being transferred.
  7. Enter the amount to be transferred.
  8. Enter the percent of the original apportionment that is being transferred.

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