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Financial Structuring and Assessment for Public-Private Partnerships: A Primer

This primer addresses Financial Structuring and Assessment for public-private partnerships (P3) and has been prepared as a companion document to FHWA's recent primers on Value for Money Analysis and Risk Assessment for P3s. Most P3 projects are financed by using a combination of private equity, debt, and (often) public subsidies.  For financial assessment of P3s, it is important to understand these sources of capital, how they are combined (referred to as “financial structure”), and how funds invested in a project are repaid.

This primer contains ten chapters.  Following an introduction, Chapter 2 presents the basic concepts of project finance for P3s.  Chapter 3 describes the various types of revenue sources that are used with P3s together with their advantages and disadvantages with regard to P3s in Chapter 3. Chapter 4 discusses sources of public sector financing for P3s, while Chapter 5 discusses the various sources of private capital and their incentives and capabilities, including how debt repayments may be scheduled to match projected cash flows to help make the project financially viable.  Chapter 6 discusses the role of financial models, focusing on what is analyzed and interpretation of results rather than the details of the modeling process.  Chapters 7, 8 and 9 describe the metrics used for financial evaluation by public agencies, equity investors and lenders respectively. Finally, Chapter 10 concluding remarks on the different ways in which financial assessments are used by project sponsors and private developers as P3 projects advance through the procurement and implementation processes.

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HTML version of Draft Report (October 1, 2012)

PDF version of Draft Report (October 1, 2012)

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