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Industry Journals and Periodicals

Public Works Financing
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Public Works Financing newsletter's specific focus since 1988 has been on public-private partnerships in infrastructure finance. Its experienced editorial staff provides projects leads, detailed project case studies, news analysis, business and political trends, plus a directory of 36 of the industry's most experienced consultants. In addition to monthly issues, PWF publishes a database each October of over 2,200 P3 projects that are planned, being built or operating around the world.

Infrastructure Journal
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Infrastructure Journal is a British publication and website dedicated to P3s across all sectors. Infrastructure Journal also prepares P3 case studies and organizes conferences. It is an international forum with 29% of its reader distribution in Europe, 17% in Asia, 31% in North America, 18% in Latin America, and 5% in the Middle East and Africa. Its readership includes public officials, lawyers, consultants, contractors, commercial lenders, multilateral and bilateral lenders, development agencies, and project sponsors and developers.

Innovation Briefs
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Over the past twenty years INNOVATION BRIEFS have become "must reading" for thousands of legislators, public officials, business leaders, newspaper editors and transportation professionals. The Briefs' critical commentaries and incisive analysis of current events keep readers in touch with trends and ideas in the transportation world without subjecting them to an information overload. Its editorial policy is to maintain an independence of views, while striving to remain balanced and objective in its coverage. Innovation Briefs are published by C. Kenneth Orski, a public policy consultant and former principal of the Urban Mobility Corporation.

The Bond Buyer
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The Bond Buyer is the definitive source of up-to-date information on bond offerings in the United States. It is available by subscription only, in both on-line and paper format. The paper is updated daily.

Project Finance Magazine
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Project Finance provides strategic information, news, and forecasts and trend analysis on the project finance markets. It contains features on countries, infrastructure surveys by region and sector, and agency and development bank news. It offers periodic industry- and region-specific special issues and maintains a team of 22 journalists who track current developments around the world.

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TOLLROADSnews, a publication specializing in tolling, describes this emerging service business and documents the debates and controversies. It provides descriptions of new toll projects around the world, analysis of political, legal, and economic problems of toll projects, information on toll technologies, and reports on ongoing operations of toll agencies and projects.

Wall Street Journal
Published by Dow Jones & Company, Inc., the Wall Street Journal is one of the most respected daily financial newspapers in the world. It carries information on all aspects of finance and is used as a reference by nearly all financiers.

Engineering News Record (ENR)
ENR, the weekly engineering industry magazine, has online access. Recent articles are listed by topic, such as transportation or finance. The site also provides up to date construction pricing information, indicating recent cost trends for key construction materials.

AASHTO Journal
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American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Journal is a weekly publication that covers legislative and regulatory news on transportation. The AASHTO site search engine references previous volumes of the journal but without specific article references.

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