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P3-VALUE: Troubleshooting Guide

April 2013


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1 - Introduction

Purpose of Troubleshooting Guide

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)'s Office of Innovative Program Delivery (IPD) has created a Troubleshooting Guide to assist in the successful use of the P3-VALUE tool suite. P3-VALUE is comprised of four interactive, integrated spreadsheet-based tools including Risk Assessment, Public Sector Comparator, Shadow Bid, and Financial Assessment. The troubleshooting guide is meant to supplement the P3-VALUE user manuals by addressing typical technical issues that users may encounter when utilizing the suite.

Organization of the Troubleshooting Guide

The guide is organized by tool, starting with the Risk Assessment Tool, moving to the Public Sector Comparator Tool, then Shadow Bid Tool and ending with the Financial Assessment Tool. The guide follows a Q&A format, with questions organized linearly by worksheet. IPD considers this document as a "living" document and will periodically revise the list to include new questions. Thus, if your questions or comments are not documented below, please submit them to

Additional Resources

For additional guidance, IPD encourages users to also refer to the following P3 Toolkit components:

  • Orientation Guide for a summary of the issues and factors that are evaluated when considering a P3 as a financing and procurement mechanism;
  • Three Primers, one each on Risk Assessment (reference for Risk Assessment Tool), Value for Money Analysis (reference for Public Sector Comparator and Shadow Bid tools) and Financial Structuring and Assessment (reference for Financial Assessment Tool);
  • P3-VALUE user guides, one each on Risk Assessment, Public Sector Comparator, Shadow Bid, and Financial Assessment, for technical advice in support of this suite;
  • Evaluation Guidebooks (under development) for practitioners seeking a deeper understanding of evaluation processes and data sources as well as the concepts, assumptions, inputs and outputs involved in the above analyses; and
  • 4 P3-SCREEN screening tool (under development) along with supporting user guide to assist practitioners seeking to perform a preliminary screening evaluation of the suitability of a P3 for highway projects.


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