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P3 Toolkit

Analytical Tools

P3-VALUE: Troubleshooting Guide

April 2013


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2 Risk Assessment Tool

General Mechanics

Q: I have downloaded and opened the Risk Assessment Tool. On the "Introduction" tab, I clicked the "I Accept" button to begin using the tool, but I received an error message stating that Excel "Cannot run the macro," which is preventing me from accessing other sheets. How can I resolve this issue?

A: Before use of the tool can begin, a user must click the "Enable Content" button, which is embedded in a yellow security warning ribbon below the toolbar at the top of the screen (see where red arrow is pointing below).

Screenshot of error
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Worksheet Technical Challenges

Model Assumptions

Q: I've entered the Model Assumptions information, including for schedule, revenue and cost according to the preliminary estimates for my project. When I navigate to the Risk Register, the Risk Register Quantitative Risk Assessment Values do not reflect my inputs. What am I doing wrong?

A: With the exception of daily delay costs, the model assumptions are for reference only. You must re-populate the Quantitative Risk Assessment values to successfully complete the Risk Assessment process.

Risk Register

Q: I've tried adding rows to the Risk Register by copying the formulas into rows below the 19 risk rows provided, but when I try running the simulation I get a "compile error" message (see below).

A: The Risk Register is designed to model up to a maximum of 19 risks. Given that only medium, high, and very high risks are quantified, consider replacing lower-rated risks with higher-rated risks that require quantification (rather than adding in rows for significant risks)

Screenshot of error

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