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P3-VALUE: Troubleshooting Guide

April 2013


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4 Shadow Bid Tool

VfM Output

Q: The assumptions worksheet reflects the parameters of my project and I have run a simulation for a Real Toll-based project, but the outputs are extremely large numbers. Why am I getting unreasonable results?


A: Real Toll calculation errors are frequently caused by a mismatch in the timing assumptions within the assumptions worksheet. Verify that the concession period, construction period, operations period and tolling period dates are properly input and then re-run the scenario analysis in the VfM Output Sheet.

Financial Statements

Q: I'd like to do a sensitivity analysis in the Financial Statements to evaluate the feasibility of the project from various P levels and cannot switch the analysis from the default from P10 to P70 or P90. Where is the drop-down box?

A: To ease in viewing of the spreadsheets, the Tools have freeze panes enabled. To adjust the P level using the drop-down box, please ensure that your spreadsheet is scrolled all the way to the left. When doing so, you can then click the light-blue drop-down box in cell F3 (see red arrow below) to adjust the P level to perform your sensitivity analysis. Choose the appropriate P level and hit F9 to rerun the sensitivity analysis.


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