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SEP-15 is an experimental process for FHWA to identify, for trial evaluation, new public-private partnership approaches to project delivery. It is anticipated that these new approaches will allow the efficient delivery of transportation projects without impairing FHWA's ability to carry out its stewardship responsibilities to protect both the environment and American taxpayers.

SEP-15 addresses, but is not limited to, four major components of project delivery:

  • contracting
  • compliance with environmental requirements
  • right-of-way acquisition
  • project finance

Elements of the transportation planning process may be also involved. SEP-15 applications may include suggested changes to the FHWA's traditional project approval procedures and may require some modifications in the implementation of FHWA policy. Deviations from current title 23, U.S.C., requirements and generally applicable FHWA regulations also may be involved.

For more information contact:

James (Jim) Sinnette, PE, PMP
Southeast Federal Center Building E66-302
FHWA Office of Innovative Program Delivery
1200 New Jersey Ave, SE
Washington, DC 20590-9898
Tel: 202-366-1561


Alaska Knik Arm Bridge TIFIA

Application:   PDF
Approval Letter:   PDF
Early Development Agreement: PDF  HTML

California - Orange County TIFIA Refinance

SEP-15 Application:   PDF
SEP-15 Approval Letter:   PDF

Connecting Idaho - GARVEE Bond Program

Application:  PDF
Approval Letter:   PDF
Early Development Agreement: PDF  HTML

Florida - I-595 TIFIA

SEP-15 Application:   PDF
SEP - 15 Approval Letter:   PDF
SEP - 15 Early Development Agreement:   PDF

Mississippi - Jackson Airport Parkway TIFIA

SEP-15 Application:   PDF
SEP-15 Approval Letter:   PDF

Oregon Innovative Partnerships Program (OIPP)

Application:   HTML
Approval Letter - Whitty:   HTML
Approval Letter - Warner:   HTML
Early Development Agreement: PDF   HTML  

Pennsylvania Rapid Bridge Replacement Public- Private Partnership Project

Application:   PDF  HTML
SEP-15 Approval Letter: PDF  HTML

Texas Toll Roads Statewide Open-Road Toll Collection System Project (TX Toll Collection System)

Application:   HTML
Approval Letter:   HTML
Early Development Agreement: PDF  HTML  

Trans Texas Corridor 35 (TTC 35)

Application:   HTML
SEP-14 Approval Memo: HTML
SEP-15 Transfer Letter:   HTML
Early Development Agreement:   HTML

TTC 69

Application:   PDF]
Approval Letter:   PDF


TIFIA & SEP-15 Application: PDF  HTML
Approval Letter - Michael Behrens: PDF  HTML   
Early Development Agreement:   PDF

US 290 East Toll Project

Application:   PDF
Approval Letter:   PDF

Virginia Pocahontas Parkway

Application:   PDF
Approval Letter:   PDF
Early Development Agreement: PDF  HTML

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