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Project Delivery Defined

FHWA Major Project Delivery Process

In order for Federal funding to be authorized for the financing of Major Projects, the Project Owner must demonstrate to the FHWA that the project has been carefully planned out, i.e. costs have been estimated as accurately and meticulously as possible; risks have been carefully considered and mitigated; financing requirements and strategies have been clearly defined; and the implementation of the project delivery has been carefully planned.

Through the different phases of project delivery, Project Owners are required to submit financial and management plans and are subject to undergo various FHWA review processes before Federal funding can be released for the project. The FHWA Major Project requirements include:

  • Cost Estimating

  • Financial Plan

  • Project Management Plan

The timeline shown below identifies the major requirements and milestones for the three required processes, together with their relationship and other milestones in the overall program delivery process as it extends from planning to final design and right-of-way to construction.

Timeline Graphic

Enlarged View - FHWA Major Project Deliverable Timeline (PDF)